Greta Van Fleet Rocks Boston Calling During a Vintage Rock and Roll Set

Photography by Lizzie Heintz

By Lily Doolin

Greta Van Fleet brought Boston Calling back to the good old days of rock and roll with their vintage, head banging, foot stomping performance on Friday night.

The band came out in full force, with clothes reminiscent of the '70s age of rock and energy like no other. Lead singer Josh Kiszika's vocals were powerful and raw. Needless to say, he didn't hold back, and wasn't shy about absolutely letting his voice rip during some songs.

The crowd was also incredibly energetic, having waited all day to see the band take stage.

Everyone was singing along to the lyrics. When the band finished a song, the crowd could be heard cheering for miles. Fans waiting at the Green Stage for Twenty One Pilots could also be heard singing along and cheering for the band.

With the rainbow colored Ferris wheel as the perfect background, the band played for a whopping hour and fifteen minutes. The screen projecting their performance was in black and white, adding to the old time feel of the show.

The rest of the band also gave a great showing. There was a rib cage- rattling drum solo, as well as some electric guitar parts that ripped through the sound barrier of Harvard athletic complex.

Halfway during the set, Josh Kiszika spoke to the audience about how music is a celebration. Also, in old time rock and roll fashion, he threw two single white roses out into the audience, which delighted the fans.

After playing a full hour and fifteen minute set-a longer performance by festival standards-the band finally played their last song, "Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)" and bid a sad goodbye to their Boston fans.

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