Tedeschi Trucks Band Close Out Night One of Levitate With A Bang

Photography by Cecilia O'Rollins

By Owen Murray

The Tedeschi Trucks band scaled up the performance to close out the night.

With two drummers, two guitars, sax, trumpet, trombone, keyboards, and a three person set of background singers, the band really went all out.

Susan Tedeschi was a powerful front woman, passionately belting the bands blues/country mix.

And as if she wasn't powerful enough on her own, the three background singers brought even more power to the performance.

Derek Trucks held it down on guitar. His long solos were another moment in the day that was sure to please the festival's many Deadhead attendees.

But Trucks wasn't the only one with impressive solos.

Kebbi Williams' energetic, dissonant, and jazzy saxophone was one of the performances major highlights.

Mike Mattison took the lead from Tedeschi for a passionate, bluesy detour. Trucks delivered some old school slide guitar during Mattison's songs.

The Tedeschi pulled out all the stops to close out night one of the Levitate Music Festival with a bang. 

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