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Discover WERS :: October 11, 2017

Behind the Music Desk | Hippo Campus, Superorganism and more!

Behind the Music Desk is back again with new discoveries from  Hippo Campus, Angel Olsen, Tino Drima and Superorganism. Check it out here.
Discover WERS :: October 10, 2017

Weekly News: Title IX​ – The Price of Certainty

This episode of You are Here explores college courses on Beyoncé, a new initiative to tackle racism surrounding Boston sports, the not-so-virtual reality of video... Read More
Discover WERS :: October 8, 2017

Fall 2017 Album Releases To Look Forward To

By Melissa Gauger 2017 has been a year filled with political turmoil, changing environments, personal growth, and perhaps most notably, great new music. Over the... Read More
Discover WERS :: October 6, 2017

Live Music Week is Coming

Live Music Week starts Saturday, October 14th All of the students and staff here at WERS couldn't be more excited. With more than 25 live... Read More
Discover WERS :: October 5, 2017

Behind The Music Desk | Season 3 Episode 1

The Music Team is back behind the desk for another season, this time to talk about: " Real Thing" - Lady Legs "I Don't Know... Read More
Album Review :: October 5, 2017

Sleep Well Beast: A Reflection on Love, Loss, and Politics

WERS Album Review Artwork for Sleep Well Beast by The National By Melissa Gauger "Meet me in the stairwell in a second for a glass... Read More
Discover WERS :: October 5, 2017

Remembering Tom Petty

By Jamie Galyas I distinctly remember the first time I expressed interest in rock n' roll. It was in kindergarten, and everyone in the class... Read More
Discover WERS :: October 4, 2017

My Journey with Tom Petty

Tom Petty Heartbreak Drawing - by Nick Fosman Alex Waters Where were you when you first heard a Tom Petty song? For me, the location... Read More
Discover WERS :: September 30, 2017

Win a Trip to Costa Rica!

Whether you're interested in hiking, surfing, fishing, or just laying on the beach - Costa Rica is the perfect place for you to spend some... Read More
Discover WERS :: September 29, 2017

Weekly News: The Texting-Suicide Case and DACA

This episode of You Are Here explores potential repercussions of the highly publicized Carter v. Commonwealth case and visits a Boston DACA protest to get perspective from those... Read More
Discover WERS :: September 26, 2017

Listener Photo and Story Submissions

How do you celebrate independent music? WERS wants to feature you in an upcoming listener photo and story campaign, where we celebrate independent music and the... Read More
Artist Profile :: September 21, 2017

Blondes Really Do Have More Fun: Blondie’s Triumph Over Irrelevancy, Forty Years in the Making

By Erin Christie The 1970s: A decade filled to the brim and overflowing with 7" records of the punk to prog to ambient to disco-... Read More