New Discoveries: Finneas, Shelly and More!

New Discoveries

Graphics by Kevin Shin

By Megan Doherty, Staff Writer

FINNEAS - What They'll Say About Us

Singer and producer Finneas puts a warm, optimistic twist on his piano ballad "What They'll Say About Us." Throughout the tune he reflects on the sweeping social change he's witnessed this year from the record number of people attending protests for racial justice. His ascending vocals in the chorus when he belts, "we've got the time to take the world and make it better than it ever was," elevate the raw emotion and earnest sense of hopefulness.


Dripping with fun, funky guitar, and bright '80s synths, I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME prove they deserve the spotlight. The duo just released their long-awaited debut album, called RAZZMATAZZ, in October. As the new project from former Panic! At The Disco bassist and keyboardist Dallon Weekes, it's only fitting that his band has a name as absurdly long as old Panic! songs.

Shelly - Steeeam

If you love everything Clairo, this one's for you. The Massachusetts native formed a new band called Shelly and dropped two laid-back singles about a month ago. In "Steeeam," her distinctly soothing voices glides over a clean electric guitar riff. This tune embodies the essence of smooth, easy listening. Fun fact: Shelly is also the first act signed to Phoebe Bridgers' new record label!

The Knocks ft. Foster The People - All About You

The Knocks' latest track, which just came out the last week of November, features pop rock group Foster The People. It centers around a single acoustic guitar riff that carries throughout its breezy three minutes. The dreamy synth radiating through the body of the song calls to mind a warm, peaceful sunrise.

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