Pick of the Week: Lake Street Dive “Making Do”


Graphics by Kevin Shin

By Kiersten Tate, Staff Writer

Lake Street Drive's new song "Making Do" is all about the younger generations' plight in the current state of the world. The Boston-based band addresses that several leaders have neglected climate change prevention, and they applaud young folks for picking up the slack. Most grippingly, the song addresses the anxiety about the world future generations will grow up in. In the second verse, lead singer Rachael Price sings, "What do I say to my baby girl? Leaving her with half a world," which hints at the deterioration of the Earth. Meanwhile, the melody of "Making Do" is more retro than the topic of the song. Lake Street Drive has a hint of rock in their sound, but the influence of soul music here is strong, particularly in the gentle electric piano played by new member Akie Bermiss. No word of a new album yet, but 'Making Do' hints that the band are thinking hard thoughts and writing in totally new genres.

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