Pick of the Week: Fleet Foxes “Can I Believe You”

Photo by Jacob Cutler, Graphics by Kevin Shin


By Nora Onanian, Staff Writer

Pick of the Week: Fleet Foxes "Can I Believe You"

At a time of such uncertainty, Fleet Foxes perfectly capture the difficulty of finding faith in "Can I Believe You." The song comes off of the band's fourth album, Shore, which was released this past September. "Can I Believe You" begins with a choir singing angelic harmonies before picking up with strong guitar strumming and drums. With hurt in his voice, lead singer Robin Pecknold sings emotional lyrics, questioning his ability to trust. And with religious undertones, the song seems to touch on the idea of faith in a spiritual sense as well as from a relationship standpoint. While being vulnerable is difficult, Pecknold realizes that it is necessary for growth as he sings "if I don't, well, nothing will change." Towards the end of the song, the tempo slows dramatically and the vocals become soft, but a powerful chord progression leads into the final verse. The choir's harmonies fill the background as Pecknold's voice trails off, repeating the lines "can I believe you" and "I want to need you." While the struggle is unresolved, the song's gentle ending leaves a sense of calm.

For more from Fleet Foxes, I recommend the rest of Shore or revisit some past favorites like "Mykonos" or "If You Need to, Keep Time on Me."

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