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Playlist: New Discoveries 3/14

“Jump out of bed, slip on some tennis shoes, and brace the day by listening to Barrie’s song ‘Races.’ Barrie’s new music is like my morning cup of coffee, and ‘Races’ is a perfectly balanced brew…”

Show Review: Bright Eyes are the Poetic Voice of Indie-Rock

Photography by Claire Dunham By Claire Dunham, Staff Writer ​​Artist: Bright Eyes Venue: Roadrunner When: Thursday, April 7th In 1995, Nebraska-based musician Conor Oberst founded… Read More

Album Review: Better Oblivion Community Center

By Kenneth Cox Band: Better Oblivion Community Center Album: Better Oblivion Community Center Favorites: “Didn’t Know What I Was In For,” “Chesapeake,” “Dylan Thomas” Recommended… Read More

Rounding off Summer with these Music Discoveries

“Describing her music like her own diary, she has covered everything from failed relationships to a brief fascination with serial killers.” This week on the… Read More