Playlist: New Discoveries 3/7

New Discoveries Playlist - Top Artists and Songs this week - Boston - WERS 88.9FM Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia

Inhaler – “Love Will Get You There” 

Dublin-based band Inhaler embrace optimism on their new song, “Love Will Get You There.” The song is from the four-piece group’s latest album Cuts & Bruises. Lead vocalist Elijah Hewson drives the song with his warm full-bodied voice. He sings uplifting lyrics like “If you hold on, my friend / Love will get you there,” while his fellow band members play a contagiously peppy melody. The band’s sound is reminiscent of early 2010s indie rock with a ’80s synthpop twist. Inhaler make this vintage-inspired sound their own on “Love Will Get You There,” a song that fans of all ages will enjoy.

Inhaler will play at House of Blues Boston on March 18. 

Claire Dunham, Staff Writer



Joseph – “Nervous System” 

“Nervous System” is the first single from Portland-based sister trio Joseph’s new album The Sun. The trio members bring their harmonious and vibrant voices to this track about dealing with anxiety. It’s a song that makes listeners who struggle feel seen. The band describes the monotonous waves of anxiety that pull you down every time you try to get up. Joseph’s empowering yet comforting pop track is a reminder to save yourself first and not feed into the paranoia. They offer a safe space to listeners who are struggling mentally. The song is a reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel even if it feels like there is no end to this vicious cycle. Joseph’s parting words instill hope and strength into everyone listening, “I know you can calm the storm in your nervous system.”

Sidnie Paisley Thomas, Staff Writer



Devon Gilfillian – “All I Really Wanna Do” 

Philadelphia-born, Nashville-based singer Devon Gilfillian shared his new track “All I Really Wanna Do,” along with news of his upcoming album Love You Anyway, set to be released April 7th. Gilfillian shared, “[the song is] an anthem for living in the moment. It’s a song about taking a chance on love, on life, and on exploring yourself.” With a low-key yet contagious beat, the song is a sweet reminder to find joy in being who you are with the one you love because being the true, and authentic you is enough. 

Devon Gilfillian will be supporting Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave on June 10th at Leader Bank Pavilion here in Boston.

Breanna Nesbeth, Music Coordinator


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