Playlist: New Discoveries 2/14

New Discoveries Playlist - Top Artists and Songs this week - Boston - WERS 88.9FM
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Lana Del Rey - “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” 

“Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd” is Lana Del Rey’s newest release off of her upcoming album of the same name. This track almost takes the tone of a funeral march. Del Rey explores themes of being forgotten. She uses the long abandoned Jergins Tunnel, that is actually underneath Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach, as an allegory for herself. She begs “don’t forget me” and “when’s it gonna be my turn” many times in the lyrics…. just like the tunnel under Ocean Blvd. 

Lana Del Rey mourns herself to a sweeping orchestral background reminiscent of earlier hits like “Video Games” or “Young and Beautiful.” Del Rey’s album is set to release March 24th 2023.

Cate Cianci, Staff Writer


Sports Team - “The Drop” 

"The Drop" is the latest single from British post-punk band Sports Team, and questions the constant struggle for achievement. The lyrics 'Katie dying waiting for the right time to retire,' showcase that. 

While many of the songs on their new album Gulp! are faster paced and pick up the the vibes from their previous album Deep Down Happy "The Drop," is one of their slower songs with acoustic guitars. 

"The Drop," is Sports Teams most streamed from the album with almost a million streams on Spotify, a sign that the band might be taking off outside of the U.K.

Kathia Dawson, Staff Writer


King Tuff - “How I Love” 

King Tuff establishes himself as a musical futurist on his new song, “How I Love.” Its melody is mellow and rich, imitating the sounds of modern lo-fi music. Its lyrics exude a tender, yet mystical, earnestness. However, the track is also fused with the distorted guitars of 60s garage rock. King Tuff is not new to the garage rock scene, but his latest album release, Smalltown Stardust, is an undeniably fresh take on the genre. The creation of this album was collaborative—fellow indie musicians Sasami and Hand Habits worked alongside King Tuff during the writing, recording, and production of Smalltown Stardust. The result of this collaboration is a well-curated album consisting of eleven mesmerizing and otherworldly songs. 

King Tuff will kick off his Smalltown Stardust Tour on March 1, and Bostonians can see him at The Sinclair on March 23. 

Claire Dunham, Staff Writer


The Murder Capital - “Return My Head” 

Imagine you are in a living room, and all the lights are off except the one beaming from a TV. You are alone, watching a coming-of-age movie, and the protagonist has just gone through something that has left them frustrated with themselves and the world around them. If there were a song to accompany such a scene, it would be “Return My Head” by the Dublin-based post-punk band The Murder Capital.

According to the band’s vocalist, James McGovern, “ ’Return My Head’ was written in a place of pure frustration, feeling like our sanity had been removed through periods of isolation. All I wanted at this point was to get my head back and to throw it away again. But on my own terms. ‘Return my head, and throw it to the crowd.' ”

The high-powered drums, bass, guitar melodies, and dynamic vocals of McGovern, elevate the passionate lyrics—accomplishing a captivating listening experience. The track was a preview to the band’s second album, “Gigi’s Recovery,” released on the 20th of January.

Isabella Kohn, Staff Writer

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