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Playlist: New Discoveries - Houndmouth, King Princess, U.S. Girls - WERS 88.9
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Houndmouth’s “McKenzie” is a masterclass in wistful love; a lament for all things lost; and an insightful love letter to nostalgia. Released September 1st, 2021, the track emanates the band’s classic vintage-country soundscape that fans have come to know and love.

The track begins with a recollection of all of the beautiful memories McKenzie’s presence once brought. It has an initial meet-cute in a restaurant, a lovely date spent watching ships come into the harbor, and every sickly saccharine memory one’s mind can imagine. Though, these rose-tinted memories are not all that is present within the track. Conflict lies beneath the surface, exploding out of hiding when Matt Myers’ twangy vocals recall: “Here comes the car key throw. Ice on the window.”

And while things with McKenzie didn’t end up working out, Houndmouth seemingly isn’t letting it get them down, as they’re currently running around the U.S. on the remainder of their headline Good For You tour. If you haven’t had enough of Houndmouth, make sure to stream their newest record release, Good For You, anywhere you get your music! 

- Sophie Severs, Staff Writer



U.S. Girls’ Meg Remy is getting political again. Her “So Typically Now” song critiques and mocks the friends who traded their Brooklyn neighborhood for a picket fence in Upstate New York. The electronic drumbeat song calls her friends, “Traitors with loans.” “They run this show,” finishes the lyric. However, she then admits to her own complicity: “Gotta sell all my best to buy more, not less.” The electronic beats take listeners back to the 80s, as does the music video. The visual features aerial shots of New York followed by playful snippets of workers enjoying listening to “So Typically Now” on a construction site. 

- Mina Rose Morales, Staff Writer



In their most recent and upbeat release, “Let Us Die,” King Princess tells an exasperated tale of a complicated relationship. It packs a punch as the final addition to her most recent album Hold On Baby. But what makes it all the more special is that the track’s recording features drumming played by the late Taylor Hawkins. Both King Princess and the album’s producer Mark Ronson agreed that the song could use some live drums, and felt deeply that Hawkins was the person for the job! King Princess’ low vocals are complemented by Hawkins’ drums and by the rough yet catchy guitar riffs. While performing “Let Us Die” on the Tonight Show, Hawkins was subtly honored by the name “Taylor,” which was placed on the kick drum.

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant


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