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Playlist: New Discoveries - Billy Idol, The Lumineers, First Aid Kit, Fontaines D.C. - WERS 88.9FM
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British-American icon Billy Idol is still rocking at age 66 with the release of “Cage.” His new single is an upbeat, guitar-driven song. It comes with a striking music video featuring him inside a cage wearing a straitjacket. “Coming out of the lockdown era, people had a lot of energy stored up. That was the inspiration for “Cage.” Getting out there and doing the things we’ve been missing,” said Idol’s co-writer and co-producer on the EP Tommy English, according to American Songwriter. Idol starts the track singing, “Screamin’ in isolation.” And he ends, “Comin’ out of my cage, comin’ out tonight, yeah,” marking the track’s progression. 

- Mina Rose Morales, Staff Writer



Fresh off of the success of their BRIGHTSIDE World Tour, the Lumineers have delighted fans with the brightside bonus tracks EP. The release consists of two new original songs. Additionally, the band has revamped three songs from their 2022 album BRIGHTSIDE. Acoustic renditions of “BRIGHTSIDE,” “A.M. RADIO,” and “WHERE WE ARE” are all featured on the EP, reminding listeners of the band’s raw musical talent. All three tracks include unrestrained vocals and haunting melodies, but “A.M. RADIO” is the most vulnerable and lyrically innovative. 

The Lumineers — best-known for their catchy choruses and warm folk melodies” — prioritize lyrical storytelling on “A.M. RADIO” Throughout the song, the singer’s memories are intertwined with his present-day emotions. Although the memories of his love are personal, the universal emotions of loss and longing are something all listeners can relate to. Ultimately, this emotional vulnerability is present on both the original and acoustic versions of “A.M. RADIO,” and the song has become a favorite among fans. 

- Claire Dunham, Staff Writer



The recent single “Out of My Head” from sisterly folk-duo First Aid Kit is a true ode to their beginnings. It wraps in their early experiences in the music industry as well as the modern sound they cultivated, which launched them to stardom. Addictively uplifting basslines and drum patterns echo that of alt-rock queens the Breeders, an early inspiration for the Stockholm-based singer-songwriters. This, in combination with their ethereal vocal qualities, makes for a take on the folk genre that feels fresh, while still providing that healthy dose of nostalgia a listener would come to expect with the genre. “Out of My Head” is a perfect highway song. It’s the kind of song that makes you feel the breeze through your hair even though the room you may be in is stagnant.

- Mason Standish, Staff Writer



“Roman Holiday” acts as an invitation into the realm Fontaines D.C. has built through their music. Lyrics like “heard about the week on the Dalymount seat” draw in references to their home of Dublin Ireland. Distorted guitars and other rock instrumentation pair with the distinctive post-punk vocals to sonically capture the toughness of their possy. And a reference to “Skinty Fia,” the name of Fontaines D.C.’s 2022 album, which “Roman Holiday” comes off of, further indicates that the track is an encapsulation of the spirit present through much of the band’s latest works. “Get inside it,” they repeat early on. Then, towards the end, “Can you feel it? Won’t be long.” Listeners are encouraged into this space they’ve carved out— rough around the edges, but welcoming all the same.  

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


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