Playlist: New Discoveries 2/22

Tank and the Bangas
Graphics by Ainsley Basic


While we anticipate the release of a third album from New Orleans based band and Best New Artist Grammy nominee Tank and the Bangas, their latest single from the EP, “No ID,” gives us a sweet, funky taste into the disco-inflected track. 

The group explore the notion of not just letting anybody into your life, but rather waiting and getting to know a prospective romantic pursuit before welcoming them into your life. The lyrics go, “If you want to see inside of me, I’mma need to see your ID. ’Cause if we gon go deeper, I’mma need to see what’s beneath the surface of your smile, If you’re worth stayin’ a while.”

Born out of a pandemic issued hiatus from the band’s touring schedule, the band’s upcoming third album Red Balloon combines the raw emotions and observations of all the members of the band. This is reflected in funky baseline beats and soulful recordings of the track “No ID.” Keep an eye out for Red Balloon which drops this May 13th.

- Mehvish Ali, Staff Writer



Guerilla Toss creates a unique fusion of electronic melody and punk-inspired guitar on “Cannibal Capital.” The song is dynamic from start to finish. It begins with distorted electronic noises and intense techno rhythms. Additionally, the light and playful voice of Kassie Carlson, the band’s vocalist, shines on the track. The song is from the band’s new album Famously Alive. The lyrics are about transformation — something the group has experienced over the past decade. Guerilla Toss started as a Boston art-rock band but has since become a Brooklyn-based psych-pop group. Their highly-anticipated LP will be released on March 25th, when fans will finally hear the “transformed” Guerilla Toss sound. 

- Claire Dunham, Staff Writer



Arlo Parks has released her first new music of 2022, a song titled “Softly.” The British artist released an album in 2021, Collapsed In Sunbeams, and received a Mercury Prize win. The chorus of “Softly” has repeating lines that sing, “Break it to me, break it to me softly, I don't want no one else.” Park's intimate lyrics are beautifully intertwined with an upbeat, toe-tapping beat. 

“Softly” is a song about yearning, about how fragile you feel in the dying days of a relationship when you’re still desperately in love,” Parks said of the new track in a statement. “The song is about how it feels to brace yourself before the blow of a break up and reminisce about the days where it all felt luminous.” 

Parks will begin her North American Tour with Clairo beginning February 17th. Hopefully this new single will be coming with more releases from the artist. 

 - Amber Garcia, Staff Writer


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