Playlist: New Discoveries 5/3

Lizzo, Jack Johnson, Phoebe Bridgers
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Lizzo is back and ready for summer with her new single “About Damn Time.” The artist is known for her pop, feel-good songs. “Truth Hurts” released in 2019, first skyrocketed Lizzo to the top of the charts. This latest track opens with Lizzo singing, “It's bad bitch o'clock, yeah, it's thick-thirty." She talks about celebrating and enjoying the time you have, because, as the title suggests, it’s about damn time. With pop and jazz notes that sync with high-energy drum beats, it follows Lizzo’s signature catchy, dancey style. When speaking about the song in an interview with Makna Talks, Lizzo said, “I wrote a song that I wanted to sing on stage and feel good about… whenever I sing ‘About Damn Time’ I feel immediately better.” 

If “About Damn Time” previews what is to come, we can expect more fun music from Lizzo this summer. Her new album Special will be coming out July 15th.

- Amber Garcia, Staff Writer



Indie’s ‘it girl’ Phoebe Bridgers has released a new single, “Sidelines” and it is as heart-wrenching and beautiful as ever. A follow-up to her album Punisher, put out in 2020, Bridgers released “Sidelines” which will be featured in Hulu’s new series A Conversation With Friends, releasing on May 15th. Bridgers writes of at first living her life on the side and not being afraid of anything. But eventually, this changes. She sings, “Till you came into my life, gave me something to lose.” We all hope for some more entrancing lyrics and sound by Phoebe Bridgers in the near future. 

- Kelsey Sidman, Staff Writer



Jack Johnson isn’t typically an artist recognized for his bass lines, but “One Step Ahead” changes that. Low and commanding, the bass contributes to the darker sound that opens the track, helping set it apart from the artist’s typical bright acoustics. Slide guitar, drums, and deeper-sounding vocals also add to this tone. But like clouds parting, there are satisfying breaks of light as the sonics cut to reveal soft sounding strings and more uplifting vocals from Johnson. The sentiments offered lyrically offer a quiet encouragement just as the sound does. Johnson acknowledges difficulties but works to move past them by moving “one step ahead,” as he sings.

“One Step Ahead” is the latest release from Jack Johnson’s upcoming album Meet the Moonlight. His first in five years, the LP is set to come out in full on June 24th. And based on this first single, Johnson is keeping things interesting and new. This July, Johnson will play “One Step Ahead” and other songs locally at the Levitate Music and Arts Festival in Marshfield.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


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