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Interview: Joy Oladokun on Collaboration and Community

“After an amazing Saturday performance at Boston Calling, our Staff Writer, Emma Kunz had the opportunity to chat with singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun…”

Playlist: New Discoveries 3/14

“Jump out of bed, slip on some tennis shoes, and brace the day by listening to Barrie’s song ‘Races.’ Barrie’s new music is like my morning cup of coffee, and ‘Races’ is a perfectly balanced brew…”

The Vault of Soul: Smokey Robinson

“Motown icon Smokey Robinson was born with a passion for music on February 19th, 1940…”

New Discoveries: Dayglow, Jade Bird, and More

Graphics by Kevin Shin DAYGLOW – “SOMETHING” With a steady, upbeat drum, Dayglow opens the first song released from his upcoming sophomore album, Harmony House…. Read More

Bully, Future Islands, and More Music Discoveries

“Her milky, yet strong voice conveys the story of letting go to receive the good of the future.” This week on the WERS 7 o’clock… Read More