Uncommon Concert Calendar: November 24 – December 1

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Here at ‘ERS, we love live music! That’s why we created the Uncommon Concert Calendar—your guide to the best concerts in Boston. Each week, our intrepid music staff picks out some upcoming concerts you won’t want to miss.



9:00pm, Friday, November 24th

There are so many reasons why seeing a tribute band is special — they’re cost effective, you can hear the music of your favorite artists performed live even if they’re no longer touring and they’re almost always in an intimate venue. Tusk scores points on all three fronts with their show at the Middle East Zuzu Friday night. One of Boston’s best tribute bands, they perform songs from Fleetwood Mac, pulling their name from the band’s 1979 album. If you can’t make it for their performance on the 24th, don’t worry, you’re still in luck — Tusk will return to the Middle East once more in 2023, on December 22nd, and at least five times in the new year.  

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



3:00pm - 7:00pm, Saturday, November 25th with Soular Eclipse, Redd Asphalt, Glad Valley and A/V Clvb

New Hampshire-based Andrea Levesque is the face behind Atlantic Canyons, the solo musical project she formed during the pandemic. Levesque combines violin — one of the first instruments that she learned and fell in love with playing music through, she told Divine Magazine — with elements of chamber pop, trip hop and dreaminess. You can catch her at Midway Cafe on Saturday night as she performs songs from her debut EP See the Hue and maybe even some unreleased material. Kicking off at 3:00 p.m., you can catch an exciting lineup of four different local artists in addition to Atlantic Canyons.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



7:00pm, Monday and Tuesday, November 27th and 28th with Max Garciá Conover

This Monday, and Tuesday, Haley Henynderickx will be leaving the West Coast to start her New England tour in Cambridge, MA. Heynderickx is a Filipino singer-songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. She is well known for her sultry voice and acoustic guitar picking. Her newest release is the 5th anniversary edition of her EP, Among Horses III, with Max Garciá Conover, who she is coincidentally touring with. Therefore, make sure not to miss them! If Monday is too busy, Tuesday is always an option too!

- Jimena Cieza, Staff Writer



7:00pm, Wednesday, November 29th with Michigander, Arlie and Wildermiss

Whether you’re a college student who had a huge Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness phase in middle school or early high school like I did, when “Cecelia and the Satellite,” “So Close” and “Fire Escape” were all over the radio, or you’re an older adult who has never heard of him, Wednesday’s show at Roadrunner has something for everyone. I’d see everyone on the lineup — from Wildermiss to Arlie to Michigander to, of course, Andrew McMahon — as the headliner of their own show, so this is truly a dynamic night of live music you don’t want to miss! All of the musicians hail from the U.S. and fall somewhere within the indie-alternative space, with both more serious introspective moments as well as some dancier ones for whichever mood you are feeling.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



Wednesday, November 29th with Concrete Husband

If you couldn’t tell from the name “Eartheater,” the American multi instrumentalist, producer, composer and vocalist has an out of this world, or ethereal quality (and is clearly multi-talented). The electronic project is the work of Alexandra Drewchin. Since her debut album Metalepsis in 2015 and up until the release of this year’s full-length Powders, Drewchin has put out a sound that is uniquely her own (joining the ranks of creatives like Yves Tumor). I show just about everyone I know the song I first discovered her from, “Below the Clavicle,” and while some agree with my sister that part of it sounds like a screeching pterodactyl, they usually can’t help but agree with me that there is something so alluring about it nonetheless.  

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



Thursday, November 30th with Qwill

Lake Street Dive’s Rachael Price credits learning just about everything she knows about how to play live music and entertain from the Lizard Lounge. She reflected on how the small venue helped her rise up to playing a venue as large as Allston’s Roadrunner in a show of hers I saw last year. I can imagine Boston-based artist Samantha Farrell making the same expression of gratitude for the Lizard Lounge, where she currently has a residency, when she makes it big someday, too. Jump at this chance to see her at a venue as intimate as this one and be among the first to start circulating her name around! And be sure to check out her performance of “Too Tired to Fly” from when Farrell visited Studio 889 with her collaborator Will Dailey for the station’s 617 Day celebration of local music, local business and local radio! It comes off of her forthcoming fourth album, produced by Will Dailey, which you can certainly hear more of at Thursday night’s show!

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator

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