Uncommon Concert Calendar: January 5-12

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Here at ‘ERS, we love live music! That’s why we created the Uncommon Concert Calendar—your guide to the best concerts in Boston. Each week, our intrepid music staff picks out some upcoming concerts you won’t want to miss. 



8:00pm, Friday, January 5th with Paper Lady and Trophy Wife

If your New Year's resolution is to engage more with Boston’s music scene, this show would be a killer way to kick off your year of local discovery. All three artists on the lineup have a strong connection to the area, having each found their start in Boston basements and backyards. When listening to Geskle, the headlining act, some artists that come to mind are Weezer and Wallows, but with a much dreamier spin. Opener Trophy Wife made Our Favorite Local Albums of 2022 with her poetic indie-rock EP Voyeur. And lastly, there will be opener Paper Lady, whose ethereal-tinged sounds range from relaxing to rousing. Come out to the Crystal Ballroom Friday night to see what beautiful flowers these three artists have grown into since they started as seedlings in Boston’s DIY scene.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



8:30 pm, Monday and Tuesday, January 8-9th with Bob the Drag Queen

Madonna, the revered “Queen of Pop,” has been wowing audiences around the world since the ’80s. Now, armed with her iconic glittering costumes and seductive pop melodies, the all-star musician is finally back on the road! Longtime fans will be delighted by the setlist which consist of songs that span over four decades of Madonna’s career. Bostonians should head to TD Garden next week if they want a chance (or two) to “move to the music” with a pop legend!

- Claire Dunham, Music Coordinator



7:00pm, Wednesday, January 10th with Jason Oberstein and Banswomb

As if his music doesn’t speak for itself in convincing you he is an artist to follow, Malick Koly’s background only proves his musical talent and songwriting depth. Koly was a sideman and mentee of Steve Jordan’s, the current drummer for the Rolling Stones. He performed, too, as a sideman for multiple notable jazz acts such as Wallace Roney. Having moved between three different continents in his life — Africa, Europe, then the United States — and having been born to a Grammy-winning Malian vocalist and a playwright, the experiences of his life so far (in his 25 years and counting…) meaningfully inform his work. His new EP Feel Bad Fest beautifully captures the emotions that come with such a nomadic lifestyle. The EP is largely melancholy, yes, but with a wonderful, persevering spirit that is carried through the guitar melodies and drum beats. If you’re in need of a ‘Feel Bad Fest’ of your own, or you just want to check out a promising young talent, see Malick Koly at the Middle East’s upstairs Wednesday night.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



Thursday, January 11th

Kelsey Blackstone describes her music as meeting at the intersection of “soul-pop” and “retro rock.” Witnessed live, Kelsey Blackstone’s ability to belt her vocals will surely leave you stunned and on your feet. Blackstone recently revealed herself to be the musical performer at SoFar Sounds’ upcoming January 11th show. For anyone unfamiliar with SoFar Sounds, they are an organization dedicated to putting on live shows for largely undiscovered artists. In all 400 of their participating cities around the world, the premise is “secret concerts in secret places.” Potential attendees are only made aware of the general location until they purchase tickets, and the performer typically goes unnamed until the show. With this setup, SoFar relies plainly and simply on people’s love for music. If you fit into that targeted demographic and have never heard of Kelsey Blackstone, give this show a try Thursday night in the Inman Square-area… She might just become your next favorite artist.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



8:00pm, Saturday, January 13th

The Quebec-based group Le Vent du Nord are set to close out the 21st Boston Celtic Music Festival. The band’s sound is inspired by a variety of genres and influences, but much of their discography draws heavily from traditional French-Canadian folk music. Experience the beauty of Quebec music and culture right here in Boston this Saturday night at 8:00! But that’s not all BCMFest has to offer; many more talented acts precede Le Vent du Nord on Saturday, and the two days prior— Jan. 11th and 12th. And don’t forget to attend Sunday brunch at Club Passim, the headquarters of the Cambridge-based non-profit who put on BCMFest!

- Claire Dunham, Music Coordinator

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