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WERS brings you the best music day in and day out - all commercial free. We love nothing more than playing you all of your favorite songs - all while finding new ones to share with you too! We're a station that's different, and we believe that different is a good thing.

WERS relies on its community of sustaining members to keep the station running strong for years to come. With your support, we can play just about anything we want, for 55 minutes an hour. None of this would be possible without listener support.

Become a sustaining member today, and when you do, we'll hook you up with our very own WERS t-shirt! It's the perfect way to show off your love for the station and will help us keep the great music coming at you for years to come.

Memberships start at only $6 a month and go up from there! Don't wait - become a member today! And when you do, not only will you get an AWESOME WERS t-shirt, but sustaining members are also automatically entered to win all of our giveaways! It's a win-win.

Already have a WERS t-shirt? Why not get yourself a pair of fun WERS socks or a sweet hoodie! You'll be the coolest person on the block; check out our other amazing swag by giving now.

Want to make the biggest impact possible? Consider becoming an 889er! More information here.

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