Music Discoveries from Rooney, Wolf Alice and More

"It's that combination of self doubt and defiance, and a willingness to explore this binary in their music that makes Wolf Alice so distinctive."

This week on the WERS 7 o'clock news, we boogied down to a funky track from the Seattle band Pickwick, reveled in the return of the indie darlings Wolf Alice, jammed out of the fun-infested new single from Rooney, and were mesmerized by the beautiful pipes of This Is The Kit's Kate Stables. Read below to hear what the WERS Music staff has to say about the tracks you've just heard and be sure to turn in next week for more music discovery on the 7 o'clock news!

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The Seattle-based band Pickwick initially started out as a folk band, but after a 2008 tour in California the group discarded its material and changed their sound to something a little funkier. The band's name stems from Pickwick Records, where Lou Reed was employed as a songwriter in the 1960s. "Turncoat" is a single off of the band's newly released album LoveJoys. The space-soul sound of the record is further personified in the band's music video for the track which is just as trippy as the tune. "Turncoat" could fit seamlessly into a throwback playlist or could be a great standout track to a chill summer playlist, which is all in part to Pickwick's magic of updating a familiar sound.



Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice is a pendulum, swinging between furious grunge and surreal dream rock; with lyrics that can be desperately honest as easily as it is pure snark. "Don't Delete The Kisses" is the second release from their upcoming album Visions of a Life, and is definitely in the dream world, as opposed to the ferocious and irreverent "Yuck Foo". Ellie Roswell whispers and patter sings her anxieties, surrounded by confident drums and nervous synths. It's that combination of self doubt and defiance, and a willingness to explore this binary in their music that makes Wolf Alice so distinctive. They refuse to operate in a single genre or identity. Visions of a Life will be released September 29th.



It's easy to write off Rooney as another bit of mid 2000s nostalgia brought back to life. Back in '04 when they cameoed on The O.C. and in '07 when "When Did Your Heart Go Missing" became a hit, they were just a band that teen girls loved, possibly due to lead singer Robert Schwartzman's iconic role as heartthrob Michael Moscovitz in The Princess Diaries. However, with their new single they stray firmly into mature pop-rock territory. This follows the same change the band has gone through, as they feature an entirely new line up at this point; besides Schwartzman, but it doesn't make the music any less catchy.

The single is a breezy, summery track that could easily soundtrack a barbecue or poolside hang. It is the first single off the band's upcoming El Cortez EP, out July 28th, and if this track is any indication, we're in for more fun - but grown up - sounds from the band.


This is the Kit

This Is the Kit is the alias of British musician Kate Stables, who divides her time between Bristol and Paris. The band's most high profile media moment to date occurred in August 2015, when BBC iPlayer debuted an episode of the documentary series Music Box devoted to This Is The Kit's music and influences. The show was hosted by Guy Garvey, who argued that their second album Wriggle Out the Restless deserved a Mercury Prize nomination. While touring, This Is the Kit performs in various configurations from duo to quintet with Stables being the only constant They are often joined onstage by The Liftmen, Rozi Plain, and other musicians of their acquaintance throughout the UK and Europe.

"Moonshine Freeze" is a hauntingly beautiful track that Stable's vocal talent excellently compliments. This is the Kit's new album Moonshine Freeze is slated for release later this year.

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