New Discoveries: Wolf Alice, Future Teens, and More

New Discoveries - Wolf Alice
Graphics by Kevin Shin


A steady piano opening welcomes you to a gentle soundscape that flows and mixes with harmonies and melodies. London-based rock band Wolf Alice changes pace with this sad, gentle song, featuring singer Ellie Rowsell's smooth and serene voice. Mixing in small, higher-pitched piano riffs, Rowsell sings about people waiting for something to happen without actually doing anything to make it happen. With the line, "The thing you should be asking is for help," she transitions from soft, quiet vocals to a majestic, drum heavy last verse. Returning back to its original roots, the song reverts back to the simple piano melody played at the beginning of the piece.

- Christina Casper, Staff Writer



Boston quartet Future Teens put out "Guest Room" as the first track of their EP Deliberately Alive, which comes out March 12. As a self-proclaimed "bummer pop band," this tune stays true to that title. Singer and guitarist Amy Hoffman takes lead vocals on this track alongside increasingly punchy guitars. From the first line, the melody sounds instantly lovable and recognizable. It's an upbeat earworm that lyrically explores feeling uncertain and scared of the future. The group even weaved in the upcoming EP's title to ask, "If I'm gonna be somebody deliberately alive / How do I do it right?"

- Megan Doherty, Staff Writer



If Haim were British and had a softer sound, then you would get The Staves. These three sisters from England sing beautifully together, blending their voices to create tight, ethereal harmonies that perfectly accompany their stripped-down instrumentation. "Good Woman" specifically. highlights their strengths and vision as a team. Their full-sounding vocals take center stage as basic drums and bass add more depth to the musical density of the song. A beautiful, subtle crescendo toward the end of "Good Woman" is what makes this song so heavenly and airy while also conveying their intended question: what does it mean exactly to be a "good woman"?

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator



With the release of their first new song in nearly three years, Lord Huron reminds listeners that they're "Not Dead Yet." Vocalist Ben Schneider sings about not recognizing his drunken self and struggling to maintain relationships. His warm rockabilly tone paired with fast acoustic guitar strumming and a steady rhythm make for a catchy folk and rock influenced song. In recent years the band has been busy working on a streamable show series titled "Alive from Whispering Pines." However, the release of "Not Dead Yet" hopefully means more music is on the way.

- Nora Onanian, Staff Writer


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