Playlist: New Discoveries 6/13

Graphics by Sarah Tarlin
Graphics by Sarah Tarlin


Arlo Parks said it best when she described “Devotion” as a song filled with “feral joy.” The track, from her newly released studio album My Soft Machine, is cathartic. The accompanying music video keeps on that theme, featuring the band in an elevator, playing the song frantically as if they will be discovered at any moment. The entire song feels spontaneous, almost like the singer came to the realization of just how much she loves her partner and felt the pull to scream it from the rooftops.

“Devotion” is an unexpected kind of contrast between soothing vocals and crisp instrumentals, a contrast that itches something in your brain. Inspirations from bands like Deftones and My Bloody Valentine are clear in the blend of vocals and backing instruments. This certainly isn’t a typical sound for Arlo Parks—she’s mentioned that this track was a purposeful deviation from previous sounds. After wanting to pay tribute to ’90s rock for a long time without pursuing it, she realized “Why not?”—and “Devotion” was born.

“Devotion” is the perfect song for dancing as long as you can in an elevator before the doors open again, finding an abandoned playground at 1:00 am, or reenacting a falling-in-love montage from a cheesy romance movie.  

- Brigs Larson, Staff Writer



On “Leaving the Light” Genesis Owusu cements his place in the pop-punk genre. The track bounces along with a lively synth and persistent bass, while still incorporating the classic drum and snare inherent to the pop-punk genre. Owusu speaks about his struggle with not belonging and describes how he felt he was living a lie. 

Throughout the song, not only does Owusu tell us he’s done with feeling like an imposter, saying “The obstacles won’t block my path. I see the test. They can try to swat me down. Boy I’m the pest,” but he demonstrates this resilience by creating a track that fits right into the pop-punk genre while also subverting it. Owusu’s individuality shines, his demanding voice raps over a funky pop-punk melody. Owusu wants us to know he’s done holding back due to his feeling of not belonging, instead, he’s stepping into his truth and leaving the light.

“Leaving the Light” is the first single of Genesis Owusu’s new album Struggler available August 18th.

- Sidnie Paisley Thomas, Staff Writer



There’s something uncanny about Sir Chloe’s “Know Better.” The Vermont-based band’s latest album, I Am The Dog, chases the feeling of finding control in a world of chaos. In “Know Better,” lead singer Dana Foote’s haunting vocals stick with you, somehow both unaffected and mournful. They play around with the overarching feeling of control (or lack thereof), spiking the song with the minor scale. Right when you think you’ve got the song handled, it goes in a direction you wouldn’t expect! 

I’d recommend sharing “Know Better” with an affable ghost—or, if you can’t find one, driving around under the stars with this song blasting will do. Sir Chloe is currently on tour for I Am The Dog, and will be in Boston on September 5th at MGM Music Hall at Fenway.

- Brigs Larson, Staff Writer


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