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Circa Waves – “Carry You Home”

In “Carry You Home” by Circa Waves, the Liverpool four-piece delivers a classic indie anthem. Frontman singer-songwriter, Kieran Shudal, shared that the song is the start of a new era for the band.

Taking an optimistic look, the song finds itself in a middle space between the insecurity of not being enough and a celebration of love’s sacrificial purity. The track opens with large, shimmering instrumentals before it dives into an intimate, vulnerable declaration.

“Carry You Home” is the band's official single for their new album Never Going Under.

- Breanna Nesbeth, Music Coordinator


Indigo De Souza - “Smog”

Indigo De Souza possesses an unmatched boldness on her new song “Smog.” This release is the second single from the musician’s forthcoming album, All of This Will End.

Overall, the sound of “Smog” is punk-inspired and boisterous. Although the track is noisy, De Souza’s voice overpowers the dance-inducing drum beat. Likewise, the sound is experimental—the musician utilizes an electronic vocal distortion, typically heard in pop hits.

With lyrics like “I don’t know how to turn around if I’m not ready. I don’t know how to tell you that your jokes aren’t funny,” the song is one part self-reflection and one part condemnation. 

All of This Will End will be out on April 28th. Bostonians have the opportunity to see De Souza play “Smog” and discover other new tracks at the Royale on May 22nd. 

- Claire Dunham, Blog Assistant


“Ceilings” - Lizzy McAlpine

The hit song “Ceilings” from Lizzy McAlpine’s second studio album, Five Seconds Flat, is backed by powerful and riveting instrumentals. With McAlpine’s lyricism, the track is a dream-like experience in which listeners may envision a blissful yet painful type of love.

The song begins with McAlpine professing her love and longing. When describing the time she spends with this lover, she says, “it feels like the start of a movie I’ve seen before,” a thought that prevails until the otherwise soft-paced song quickens. Eventually, she reveals that her time with her lover is “over” and they do not exist—at least not anymore. McAlpine wraps up the profoundly nostalgic experience by emphasizing the pain that comes from ending a relationship: “it feels like the end of a movie I’ve seen before.”

Ultimately, “Ceilings” reflects the bittersweet experience of looking back on a lost love.

- Isabella Kohn, Staff Writer


“Meshuggah” - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

“Meshuggah,” a single from Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s latest album V, takes its title from the Yiddish word for “insane” or “crazy.” On the choruses, Ruban Nielsen, the band’s frontman, smoothly croons, “You give meshuggah” over a funky, spacey bassline, subtly driving drums, and floaty electric guitar. 

The track, along with the rest of the album, takes inspiration from Ruban’s childhood. On the group’s Bandcamp, it states that, specifically, the lyrics are meant to mirror the days Ruban “spent playing by white hotel swimming pools with his siblings while their entertainer parents performed in showbands across the Pacific and East Asia.” 

“Meshuggah” is summery in its laid-backness. It provides the perfect escape from the cold quasi-spring we are currently experiencing here in Boston.

- Eden Unger, Staff Writer


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