Playlist: New Discoveries 5/10

Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia
Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia

Daughter - “Party”

"Party" is a hauntingly beautiful song by the British indie folk band Daughter. It’s the second single from their upcoming album Stereo Mind Game. The song was co-written by the band’s lead vocalist Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli, and drummer Remi Aguiella. 

On “Party,” Tonra sings about struggling to come to terms with sobriety over a slow, restrained arrangement of bass and drums. Her vocals are delicate and emotional, with a touch of vulnerability that captures the listener's attention. 

As the song progresses, it builds with layers of guitars, synths, and drums—creating a haunting and ethereal sound that perfectly complements the lyrics. The chorus is powerful, with Tonra's vocals rising and soaring above the instrumentation.

Overall, "Party" is a hauntingly beautiful track that showcases Daughter's unique style and emotional depth. Its lyrics are relatable, and its melody is atmospheric making it a perfect track for introspection and reflection. It's a great addition to any indie folk or alternative playlist, and it's sure to leave a lasting impression on the listener.

- Breanna Nesbeth, Music Coordinator


Annie DiRusso - “Hybrid” 

Annie DiRusso opens “Hybrid” with a sense of loss that encapsulates the whole song.

The track features a story about heartbreak and a relationship that feels addictive. Specifically, DiRusso compares heartbreak to a wound you cannot stop picking. 

With gut-wrenching lyrics and heavy guitar, “Hybrid” sounds like a rockstar screaming after breaking up with their partner on tour. When you listen, you can’t help but want to scream with DiRusso. 

- Elle Dickson, Staff Writer


Slow Pulp - “Cramps” 

Chicago-based band Slow Pulp refuses to hold themselves back on “Cramps.” The song begins with a series of fiery drum beats, followed by an electric guitar, and distorted vocals from the band’s front-person Emily Massey. Its rowdy, pervasive melody is magnetic. “Cramps” is the perfect song to blast on your car radio to let off steam after a particularly infuriating day. 

Ultimately, the track’s lyrics are just as intense as its sound. As the song progresses, Massey repeatedly sings “But I want everything (Everything)” in an unabashed manner. 

However, this intense song also reveals Slow Pulp’s vulnerable side. Lyrics like, “And I think I know what I’m missing” serve as intimate confessions of the band’s self-hatred—transforming the track into a relatable and all-consuming musical masterpiece. 

- Claire Dunham, Blog Assistant


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