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Weyes Blood explores the potent themes of longing and loss on her song, “Grapevine.” While

These themes are commonplace in indie music, but Weyes Blood’s strategic use of metaphor elevates the song. The song is from the her third album, And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow. Weyes Blood described the album in an Instagram post as a “dystopian romance novel.” This dystopia is evident in the “Grapevine” lyrics. The artist is haunted by the memories of a past relationship and compares this feeling to that of a literal ghost haunting. To solidify this metaphor, she references the death of American actor James Dean. Additionally, these metaphors seem to highlight the dystopian aspects of our own reality—making the song less like a novel and more like an understated social commentary. The sound of “Grapevine” is stripped-down and acoustic, but it also retains the classic psychedelic sound of a Weyes Blood track. 

Weyes Blood is scheduled to play in Boston at the Royale on March 5.

Claire Dunham, Staff Writer



M83 just came out with a new synth filled song that will make you feel like you’re floating through time and space—maybe even back to the 80’s. “Oceans Niagara” is full of layered guitar harmonies and rich percussion, not to mention, it’s clear that it’s heavily inspired by the sounds of the 1980’s pop and rock scene. 

Their upcoming ninth album Fantasy has us wondering if it’ll have more songs that sound just like it, and we absolutely can’t wait to listen to more!

Erin Norton, Staff Writer



As a kick-off to their new album, The New Pornographers released their latest single “Really

Really Light” with their familiar indie-rock sound. The song was a reworking of a track left off of their 2014 album, Brill Bruisers. The song is reminiscent of Aloe Blacc’s “The Man”, as member A.C. Newman revealed in a press release that he wrote the chorus to “sound like it belonged with it.” He was also channeling Jeff Lynne-era Tom Petty.

The band’s new album is being released on March 31st and they'll be coming to the Royale in Boston on May 15th! Check out the music video for “Really Really Light” here.

Elena Dickson, Staff Writer

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