Pick of the Week: Parcels “Somethinggreater”

Parcels, "Somethinggreater," Pick of the Week, WERS 88.9
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By Amber Garcia, Staff Writer

“Somethinggreater” was released on September 15, 2021 by the band Parcels. The new single is a part of the band’s recently released album: Day/Night. “Somethinggreater” sees Parcels sing of themes of searching and discovering, with electro-pop beats and sounds that make you want to dance.


The band sings the lyrics soulfully, “and now I'm leaving you, for the both of us, to find something new. 'Cause we're not enough, and all I can do is to know.” These sad lyrics pair with funk and disco simultaneously, the two fusing well. The Aussie band has mastered an eccentric dance sound while also sticking with lyrics of isolation and independence. It at times sounds like the band has recorded a song from a different time, the sound taking you back to the disco era. 

In an interview with INDIE magazine when asked about their sound, Parcels said, “We listened to a lot of soft rock, soul—anything ’70s, really. We’ll never really get away from that, I think. A new discovery we’ve made—and something that’s very apparent on our record—is exotica.” In the same interview when asked about song titles not being spaced apart, the band said, “in actuality, it started because one of our laptops had a broken spacebar.” It was an artistic choice for the band to keep some songs like this, which is actually quite funny but also makes the band stand out. 


Day/Night, came out on November 5, 2021. The almost two-hour album shows off their creativity, and how they have found their sound as a band. Homebound, the band will be having an international tour for the year of 2022. Their tour starts this February with them first visiting Canada, and ending in October in Germany. Along the way, they will play in their home of Australia. 

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