Pick of the Week: Lucy Dacus “Brando”

Lucy Dacus "Brando"
Graphics by Maeve Huttner

By Mason Standish, Staff Writer

Indie rock darling Lucy Dacus' recently released album, Home Video, is an absolute gem to listen through. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Dacus never strays far from her roots. Like the album's title suggests, its tracks contain many references and vignettes into key moments throughout the singer-songwriter's childhood. Home Video's nostalgic feel fully comes to light in one of the closing tracks, "Brando."


While each song on the album is powerful in its own right, "Brando" is a clear stand-out. Perfectly utilizing Dacus signature melancholy vocals, the song feels like a true return to form for Lucy Dacus. "Brando" describes her pre-teen relationship with a boy who completely sculpted his personality around the media he consumed. Dacus makes the creative choice of incorporating many quotes from popular films and television series into the song's lyrics. This technique proves to be an enjoyable way to immerse a listener into the track's narrative.

The oftentimes poetic lyrics are only elevated by the ethereal backing music behind them. Muffled acoustic and percussive instrumentals tossed along with a poppy beat help create a uniquely nostalgic feel that will have you missing someone you've never met. And the cozy yet upbeat feel of "Brando" means it will be a perfect addition to your next summer road trip playlist... or your winter road trip playlist, you do you.

Lucy Dacus' wistfully evocative track serves as a great answer to the question "Why Lucy Dacus?" Soft, understated, and powerful, "Brando" perfectly summarizes the sound that garnered a vast and devoted fanbase.


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