Pick of the Week: Foo Fighters “Shame Shame”

Pick of The Week (Foo Fighters)-min

Graphics by Kevin Shin

By Megan Doherty, Staff Writer

Foo Fighters debuted their dark new single "Shame Shame" during their appearance on Saturday Night Live. Beginning subdued with just a softened version of lead singer Dave Grohl's voice over a muted guitar riff and crisp drums. It then grooves into the moody second verse. A shiny distorted guitar follows along with the post-chorus melody before the simple, muted guitar riff creeps up again to close out the track.

If you're yearning for more of this slower, mysterious Foo Fighter sound, the wait is almost over. The rock group's 10th album, Medicine At Midnight, arrives early February next year. It will mark their 25th anniversary as the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl's transformation from the already iconic drummer of Nirvana to one of the most respected faces in rock of the last thirty years. 

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