Pick of the Week: Maggie Rogers’ “That’s Where I Am”

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By Amber Garcia, Staff Writer

Maggie Rogers, known for her breakout single “Alaska,” has recently released her newest song, titled “That’s Where I Am.” 

The artist first turned heads with a viral video on Youtube featuring an NYU Masterclass with Pharrell Williams. Willams was notably positively taken aback when hearing Rogers’ song “Alaska'' for the first time. 

Graduating from NYU in 2016 with a degree in music engineering and production and English, the twenty-seven-year-old singer-songwriter is now based locally as she is currently attending Harvard Graduate School.

“That’s Where I Am” was recently performed live in an appearance Rogers made at Coachella. The track is the lead single of Rogers’ upcoming sophomore album. 



After a year-long hiatus, Maggie Rogers’ new song tells the story of a love between two friends. The singer explained in a statement to her fans the process behind the song. She said, “I watched 10 Things I Hate About You on the plane over and thought it could be fun to make something that sounded like it could run in the end credits of a rom-com.” 

The upbeat song features a build-up to a momentous chorus, where the artist sings “It all works out in the end. Wherever you go, that's where I am. Even boulders turn into sand. Wherever you go, that's where I am.” While the artist speaks of uncertainty, she also sings of certainty in knowing she’ll be with her person of interest, confident that everything will work out. The vibrant, feel-good indie-pop song is perfect for the nearing warm weather. Plus, it has fans waiting for more. 



Via Capitol Records, Maggie Rogers’ album Surrender is coming out July 29th. The accompanying music video for “That’s Where I Am” features Rogers in New York City. The visual has city lights, sequined outfits and friends, featuring musicians David Byrne of the Talking Heads and Hamilton Leithauser of the Walkmen. Rogers says the album will feature a lot of events that take place in New York City. 


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