Pick of the Week: Beabadoobee “The Perfect Pair”

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By Elle Dickson, Staff Writer

Typically known for her soft guitar ballads and straightforward lyrics, Beabadoobee has completely transformed with her latest album Beatopia. The Filipino-British singer mixes her signature acoustic sounds with new instrumentals supporting her, elevating her indie and alt-rock reputation. 

Beabadoobee’s sixth track on the album, “The Perfect Pair,” is no exception to this epic growth. 



The track opens with funky guitar and acoustics, reminding you of a coffee house that meets a jazz club. Beabadoobee then uses quick syllables to create a hoppy feeling throughout the verses. As the chorus comes around, the guitar picks up and she slows her words. The drawn-out syllables make you feel like you’re almost stuck in time. It’s as if the world around you is slowing down and Beabadoobee is in control of the ride. 



“The Perfect Pair” tells the story of two lovers avoiding the end of their relationship. It’s clear they have outgrown each other, as Beabadoobee sings, “We don't talk much, guess 'cause nothing has changed. And I'm not sure I like it. And I'm so tired of fighting.” 

She knows that the two are feeling similarly when she describes them as being “one in the same.” Both halves of the relationship are coming to this realization that they’re moving past something that was once good. 

As the end comes near, the singer pleads for her lover to “say it to her face,” begging for the avoidance to end. Even though she knows it will hurt, she knows it will always end like this. 

“The Perfect Pair” is a story of love and loss, showcasing the hurt that goes into pushing off a breakup. Sometimes, it suggests, there are things you just cannot fix. 

Beabadoobee has become a pro at writing hidden heartbreak songs and pairing them with upbeat backtracks and instrumentals. As the lyrics shine through, you are left to wonder if the end is good or bad; if you should dance, or find a place to sit. 



Beabadoobee is currently on tour, making her way to Boston on December 4th at the Roadrunner. Opening for her is the band Lowertown. You can find tickets on her website here

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