Pick of the Week: Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram “662”

Kingfish Ingram 662 Graphics by Ainsley Basic

By Mehvish Ali, Staff Writer

Grammy-nominated and musically gifted Christone “Kingfish” Ingram returns to the scene with his new celebrated album, 662. The follow-up to his debut album Kingfish, it reflects not only the technical magic of the guitar prowess but also his outstanding lyrical talent. Ingram’s new single, title track “662,” stays true to his signature electric sound. But it also transcends the vibrant blues funk into something unique and personal.



Ingram decided to take a slightly different route on 662. Two years after releasing his debut album, his life took a drastic turn both personally and professionally. Just as he was reaching the pinnacle of success, he lost his biggest fan – his mother. Then the pandemic heralded a stop to live performances, forcing a deep contemplation into his life and himself. 

Taking its name from the telephone area code of his hometown in Clarksdale, Mississippi, 662 is a reflection of Ingram’s more personal side and his courage to share his vulnerability with his fans. The 13 songs give listeners a look into Ingram’s infectious personality and ongoing journey. Talking specifically about the title track “662,” Ingram explains that it is an uninterrupted glimpse into his growth as a “musician, songwriter, a bandleader and as a young man.”



“662” embodies a tumultuous range of emotions felt by the artist as echoed in his moments of growth. He sings, “my daddy worked at the cooper tire, my mama was raised in the hills, my brother moved off to Baltimore, and I’m left here paying these bills.” The rhythmic lyrics speak to the struggles faced by the artist. 

A combination of blues-rock and blazing funk, the track’s guitar riffs and blazing vocals hit deep in the heart. With smooth grooves and electric soul, Ingram has managed to cultivate these different sounds into his own personal style. It’s safe to say that Ingram’s scintillating sound is like no other. The blues voice of his generation, he is well on his way to shape a completely different genre. 

Make sure to check out the full album, a phenomenal collection of music from a world-class artist, here. You can also check out his performance in our live mix studio here.


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