Playlist: New Discoveries 11/9

Of Monsters and Men, Anjimile, Glass Animals
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The new single “Stranger” by artist Anjimile is a special song that brings forth peaceful sounds and a beautiful vocal track. Anjimile is a trans, black artist originally from Dallas that moved to Boston and attended Northeastern University. After releasing their debut album Giver Taker, Rolling Stone said they are an “artist you need to know.” Make sure to give this song a listen and catch it on the new music hour, nightly from 8-9. Plus, give our interview with Anjimile just after the release of Giver Taker a read here

- Kelsey Sidman, Staff Writer



A groovy upbeat guitar riff and psychedelic synth introduce the first song out of St. Paul & the Broken Bones’ most recent single released off of their upcoming album, The Alien Coast. With more time to experiment with new instruments in the studio, the band really used all their resources. Written about the joy of one last dance before dying, singer Paul Janeway clearly conveys his intentions for the song. Words like “Bang bang goes the bullet like a train, bang bang goes the feeling through my brain,” contrasted with a far-out instrumental background create a perfect atmosphere for a song that’ll be stuck in my head. 

- Christina Casper, Staff Writer



The new stand-alone single from the Glass Animals, “I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)” will make listeners do just that! Despite its upbeat electric indie sound, the lyrics explore the end of a relationship. The singer doesn’t want to talk anymore, but simply wants to reminisce on the good times and memories through dancing. Through this song, the Glass Animals also hope that the audience can listen as a release as well.

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant



Gentle vocals, acoustic guitar, a soft trumpet and piano carry Of Monsters and Men’s latest, “Phantom.” The previously unreleased song comes off of the 10-year anniversary edition of the Icelandic band’s breakthrough album My Head Is An Animal. Compared to more upbeat hits like “Little Talks” and “Dirty Paws,” “Phantom” radiates a beautiful, delicate sound. Of Monsters and Men first played it in 2010 as a part of their winning performance at a major singing competition in Iceland called Músíktilraunir. With all of the elements that first made me fall in love with their music present, it's no wonder “Phantom” helped launch their successful career.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


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