Playlist: New Discoveries 5/31

New Discoveries 5/31: Blu DeTiger, Mitski, Milky Chance
Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia


Blu DeTiger is ushering in the heat with her track “Hot Crush Lover.” With warmer weather comes new beginnings— and a chance for a sweet summer romance. This bassist and musician extraordinaire gives it her all with this electric single, providing listeners with a taste of her classic techno, funk-pop vibes. DeTiger fully embraces the messiness of new love in the track’s music video, as she is drenched in neon-colored paint. She proves that while love might be a little messy, it adds the color that we need to our life. This summer, take DeTiger’s advice: “Let your hair down and loosen up!”

You can catch DeTiger bringing her infectious energy all over the US this summer, as she plays at several music festivals, such as Bonnaroo and Governor’s Ball! 

- Sophie Severs, Staff Writer



Mitski is truly a master of taking an upbeat song and using it to convey incredibly deep messages that are close to her personal experiences. “Love Me More,” from her newest album Laurel Hell, does just that with its synth-pop sound and very vivid lyrics. Through the track’s lines, Mitski depicts the choices she made when becoming an artist, while also being vulnerable, sharing the feelings of isolation and loneliness that often come with fame. Even though this song was written before the pandemic, many listeners relate to it heavily when thinking back on their experiences in quarantine. Once again, Mitski never misses with her extremely memorable songs that are perfect to dance to, but also pack an emotional punch.

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant



The German indie-rock band Milky Chance is back with their new single “Synchronize.” The band members are friends from high school. For this song they worked with DECCO, a Swedish-Austrian duo known for their work producing and remixing, who Milky Chance previously worked with on their song “Colorado.” The pairing with DECCO worked to their advantage with “Colorado,” reaching over 60 million streams on Spotify, which then led to them performing it on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

“Synchronize” is about love, and finding someone you work with as if you are in sync with one another. The chorus sings, “I love the way we synchronize, we synchronize. Let the moment crystallize.” Fitting the band’s theme, the song sounds like the perfect tune to listen to at the beach and is great for the summer. Although the band is from Germany, they fit the perfect mold of Californian dream music.

- Amber Garcia, Membership Coordinator


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