Playlist: New Discoveries 11/23

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Opening the song with a pounding drum beat that hardly ceases throughout the entire tune, Mitski heralds in a new era since her 2018 record Be The Cowboy. “The Only Heartbreaker” is an epic song full of everything we love about Mitski. Her sweet and soft voice sings low and calmly behind the music, later belting in the chorus. And the perfectly consistent drums mixed with clear driving guitars and occasionally some synthesizers give the song some 80’s sensibilities. Mitski wastes no time getting to the point. By the third line of the song we hear her sing, “but I think for as long as we’re together, I’ll be the only heartbreaker.” “The Only Heartbreaker” is off Mitski’s upcoming record Laurel Hell, coming out February 4th.

Meghan Hockridge, Program Coordinator



A psychedelic guitar melody, groovy bass line, and simple drum beat introduces “Low Era.” The second song off of Geese’s newest and first album, Projector, “Low Era” was written while the band members were in high school. Their music, only debuting in 2021, was eagerly anticipated after their first single, “Disco” climbed the charts. The new track was written about a love too dangerous to feel. Lyrics such as “love is running a little faster, losing my body with one ancient word” really illustrate this emotion. A groovy minute-long outro brings the uptempo, lamenting song to an end.

Christina Casper, Staff Writer



Beach House’s newest release “Once Twice Melody” is the title track of their upcoming album, set to be released in four chapters. This album is already anticipated to be this duo’s most cinematic and artistic endeavor yet. And “Once Twice Melody,” featured in the first chapter, is clearly an example of that. The lyrics focus on a girl who uses her own imagination as a form of escapism. Be sure to keep an eye out for the rest of the chapters, all of which are entirely self produced by Beach House themselves!

Erin Norton, Membership Assistant



A low, staticky hum of sounds leads into Damon Albarn’s enigmatic new single, “Royal Morning Blue.” Broken by a sudden glissando of the piano, the track begins to come to life, its dreamy sound complimenting abstract lyrics. “Royal Morning Blue” comes off of his latest album The Nearer The Mountain, More Pure The Stream Flows. This marks the second non-collaborative album for Albarn, the English musician who founded the virtual band the Gorillaz and rose to fame as a part of Blur. He cites drawing inspiration for the project from Iceland, where he was recently granted citizenship. In a video posted to Instagram, he explains being awed that the landscape had a sense of brightness even while it rained. This contrast clearly manifests its way into “Royal Morning Blue,” making for a powerful listen.

Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


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