Playlist: New Discoveries 7/20

New Discoveries 7/20 Major Spark

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An electric riff transforming into a fast-paced beat opens “Beautiful Noise,” Major Spark’s second song on their latest album. With repetitive lyrics, the artists push listeners to focus less on the words and more on dancing and living in the moment. Slight variations of the repeated guitar riff transition between verses, echoing messages such as the song’s name, “Beautiful Noise.” Other phrases reiterated are “don’t follow evil leader” and “gotta believe in something.” The catchy tune comes to an abrupt close with the rhythmic chant “and let’s work.”

Christina Casper, Staff Writer



Three years since her last solo album, Courtney Barnett is back with her new song “Rae Street.” It feels like the best of Barnett, with easy-going vocals and laid-back guitars twisting the song up behind her. The lyrics walk listeners through a seemingly mundane neighborhood. Barnett pulls the song together in the chorus, singing “time is money, and money is no man’s friend.” “Rae Street” balances her storytelling with a catchy hook you are sure to be singing along to. Courtney Barnett’s new album Things Take Time, Take Time is set to arrive on November


Meghan Hockridge, Staff Writer



“Colorado,” the latest from German duo Milky Chance, is an indie-rock stoner anthem. The track is groovy, with hints of pop and reggae. It also illustrates the emotions associated with a rough breakup. The song begins with the opening line “I get high like Colorado.” This lyric becomes a motif throughout the song — especially after the chorus hints at a potential breakup. Milky Chance goes on to depict feelings of jealousy and uneasiness and the need to eliminate those feelings by getting high. Yet, “Colorado” is still a chill, yet poignant, addition to your playlist this summer!

Erin Norton, Staff Writer


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