Playlist: New Discoveries 10/26

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Sunflower Bean just recently released their long awaited single and first new song of this year, “Baby Don’t Cry.” Opening with a guitar riff, the track highlights the indie-rock sound they do so well. The lyrics focus on the difficulty of making real connections while everyone was stuck in their homes during quarantine periods. This New York based band remained off the road for a while, but they stated that they think that it’s made all the difference with how they create music. However, they are looking forward to playing their songs live, including “Baby Don’t Cry” at some point in the near future! 

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant



Starting off with lyrics about picking yourself up and starting over again, “Another Try” is the first song of The Happy Fits’ recent two single release. A constant guitar riff invites the listener on the journey of the lyrics as it mixes with the steady drum beat. Corresponding to the loose, flowing lyrics about letting go and being free, from beginning to end, every instrument included in this single glides along with the continual guitar and drum beat. Words in the chorus such as, “It's just the madness of reality is that nothing really matters,” reinforce this theme of freedom.

- Christina Casper, Staff Writer



Released October 13th, Barrie’s new song “Frankie” is their second single since their album Happy To Be Here from May 2019. Instrumentally, “Frankie” is defined by the entrancing repetition of the synthesizer which drives the track forward. The singer who grew up in Ipswich, Massachusetts drew inspiration for “Frankie” from songwriter Glen Campbell’s song, “Wichita Lineman.” Campbell and Barrie are stylistically opposites, but Barrie found artistry in the timelessness of Campbell’s 1968 lyrics. Barrie said that Campbell’s song “felt relevant to the social justice movements at the moment, to the push for democratic socialism.” As Barrie references “Wichita Lineman” in the first verse of “Frankie,” their new release becomes a sort of protest. It leaves listeners feeling either empowered or discouraged— taking on different meanings for everyone.

- Grace Clendening, Staff Writer



It’s no surprise that COIN’s new single is chaotic and spunky, much like the band. The opening guitar solo is a brief testament to dad-rock until the drums and vocalist Chase Lawrence kick in. With elements of electronic pop and ’70s alt-rock, “Chapstick” is uncontrolled, yet timeless. The song’s upbeat tempo immediately has you dancing on your feet and forgetting all of your worries. The band worked with producer Julian Bunetta, known for collaborating with One Direction, Little Big Town, and Natasha Bedingfield. Flirty and funky, COIN’s “Chapstick” is about wacky and unpredictable first kisses. Lawrence’s lyrics, “she’s a real live wire, what’s she talking about?” is exactly the energy we feel from them.

In the past, COIN has toured with The 1975 and Young the Giant. Today, they are on their North American tour, with almost all of their shows sold out, including the House of Blues on December 14th.

- Lauren Surbey, Staff Writer


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