Bad Suns Reminisce Being at Home

Bad Suns Single Review Artwork by Cooper Yeager
Bad Suns Single Review Artwork by Cooper Yeager

By Mica Kendall

As frontman Christo Bowman says in Twenty Years, "Twenty years goes by so fast how did I get here?" Time has gone by quickly with Bowman, now 25, who has been touring nonstop since 2014, along with Miles Morris (drummer), Ray Libby (guitarist), and Gavin (bassist) for their debut album Language and Perspective and sophomore album Disappear Here.

Through Bad Suns' excessive amount of promoting for their two albums, the band has grown an immense number of fans earning them over a million listeners online. However, by being constantly on the road over the years, Bad Suns have been away from their homes in California for a great deal of time, inspiring them to release their latest single "This Was a Home Once."

"This Was a Home Once" retains the signature Bad Suns rhythmic guitar riffs and steady catchy beat, but lyrically gives off a sense of newfound sense of maturity by shedding insight on what it's like coming back to life at home. While touring, it is easy to get lost in the mindset of being the center of attention amidst a crowd of supporters causing a sense of detachment from the normality present at home. Specifically, the single focuses on the perspective of Bowman's personal family as he describes the transition between life on the road and his personal life, causing him to snap back into perspective with how, "reality comes once I'm finally here."

Thematically, the single focuses on the inevitably of time with 'though we can't control the rest one thing will always be true", while correlating time to the idea of growing up. Bowman describes his little sister still aging without him with "my little sister in heels/ she drives her own car/ now wears a ring in her nose." Along with Bowman describing what it's like missing out on time with his family as having "so much love comes so much pain." However, the single retains a sense of positivity and optimism by acknowledging time serving as a catalyst towards Bowman maturing and appreciating his home and family, whom he acknowledges as serving a fundamental role in shaping him as a person.  

Though Bad Suns are expected to take a break from touring after their current Love like Revenge tour, the band sheds light on how this is not the end of their music, but rather a chapter coming to a close, and so "another chapter begins." Bad Suns' success has only been progressively growing in terms of success throughout the years and with a much-needed time off to work on their third album, Bowman, Morris, Libby, and Gavin can return to their lives at home.

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