All A Capella LIVE

By: Chloe Goldstein

WERS hosted its 10th Annual All A Cappella Live performance at Emerson College’s Cutler Majestic Theater on Saturday, March 28th. In honor of spring, the theme of this year’s event was “Here Comes the Sun,”and the sun did come for one lucky a cappella group. A cappella groups from universities around Boston competed for an $850 cash prize and for the title of “Best in Boston Collegiate A Cappella.”The winner of the competition was determined by audience members who cast ballots after witnessing and evaluating each group perform. A portion of the event was broadcast live on WERS.

The show opened with Emerson College a cappella groups singing the college’s alma mater, followed by a brief welcome from Emerson College President, Lee Pelton. Before the competition formally began, Emerson a cappella groups (Achoired Taste, Noteworthy, Treblemakers, and Acappellics Anonymous) serenaded the audience performing two songs each ranging from the Beatles, to Rihanna’s hit song “Umbrella.”Acappellics Anonymous, the last Emerson group to perform, particularly wowed the audience with their elaborate formations and synchronized movements while they sang on stage.

This year, the Boston University Allegrettos, BU Dear Abbeys, Northeastern University’s Treble on Huntington, UMass Amherst Dynamics, and UMass Amherst Vocal Suspects competed in hopes of impressing the audience with their talent. Marblehead High School’s Jewel Tones also performed a set. Following notable performances by each competing group, the audience was clearly faced with a difficult decision in deciding this year’s winner. From start to finish, the Cutler Majestic’s energy level remained high and cheerful. Engaged audience members could be spotted aimlessly tapping their feet and nodding their heads in sync with the groups performing.

In the end, the audience honored Boston University’s Dear Abbeys with the title of Best in Boston Collegiate A Cappella. The impeccably dressed all-male group flaunted matching dark suits with spiffy bright red neckties. While they were rather appealing to visually look at, it was their vocal talent that blew the audience away. Dear Abbeys’set consist of Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars), I’m Not the Only One (Sam Smith), Uprising (Muse), and Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen). After being acknowledged for their win, the group was asked to perform one last song: Michael Jackson’s “Bad.”

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