8 Concerts To See This Spring

Concerts for Spring 2023 - Boston - WERS 88.9FM
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There are so many amazing musicians coming to Boston this spring! Our music staff wrote about the upcoming concerts they are most excited about:


King Tuff released his enchanting new album Smalltown Stardust in January. The album is a hypnotic combination of mellow lo-fi music and edgy garage rock. Now, the artist will play these new songs at The Sinclair in Boston on March 23. King Tuff is sure to deliver energizing guitar solos, grungy live vocals, and a confident rockstar-esque stage presence. 

New tracks like “How I Love” and “Tell Me” have a rich yet subdued sound that will echo nicely in The Sinclair venue. Likewise, the acoustics of the venue will accentuate the musician’s mesmerizing guitar riffs. Although Smalltown Stardust is not as rowdy as King Tuff’s earlier releases, fans can expect the 2008 hit “Sun Medallion” to have the entire crowd jumping and nodding along. 

- Claire Dunham, Blog Assistant



Rubblebucket has been traveling the country on the Earth Worship Tour since November 2022. Now they are coming to Boston! On March 24, the band, fronted by Kalmia Traver and Alex Toth, will be playing Big Night Live. This is the second to last show of the tour, and it promises to be a good one.

I've never had the privilege of seeing Rubblebucket live, but the energy of their music is sure to translate well to the stage. Despite the laid-back nature of songs like "Geometry" and "Sexual Revolution," the album is full of great beats that will get the audience moving. Additionally, Traver and Toth both have backgrounds in jazz. With the duo playing alongside a full band, it's a given that people will be grooving.

- Eden Unger, Staff Writer



Husband-wife indie pop duo Tennis will begin a North American tour surrounding the arrival of their sixth album, Pollen, on March 24th. The new album is innovative, but it also remains true to Tennis’ signature style. Overall, it showcases the untapped musical potential of the group. 

During their first tour, James Barone joined the band on drums. He has been playing with them ever since. When performing, Alaina Moore plays the keys, occasionally taking the mic, while her husband Patrick Riley is on guitar. With six albums to their name, Tennis provides an ample dose of each during their shows. Their performances are lowkey, charming, and enthralling. The band maintains a cool demeanor throughout their shows while serving up dance-worthy tunes.

Seeing the couple perform together and catching moments of their intimacy makes concertgoers feel as if they have been let in on something private and lovely. Tennis will play at Roadrunner in Boston on April 3rd, and their tour will conclude on May 6th.

- Breanna Nesbeth, Music Coordinator



Brighton-based rock band The Heavy Heavy will grace the stage at The Sinclair Music Hall on April 12. Best known for their vibrant retro-inspired sound, the group released their debut EP, Life and Life Only, in June. With extended instrumental interludes, resonant harmonies, and sing-along choruses, the release is a triumphant blend of ’70s rock & roll and modern indie. Specifically, The Heavy Heavy take inspiration from the sounds of “Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones.” 

During the show, fans can expect riveting guitar solos from the band’s leading guitarist Will Turner. Likewise, Georgie Fuller, the lead vocalist, is sure to impress with her rich energetic tone. Each groovy, psychedelic song from Life and Life Only is sure to have the crowd at The Sinclair Music Hall dancing and singing along. If you are a rock & roll fan in Boston, you don’t want to miss this show! 

- Claire Dunham, Blog Assistant



Caroline Polachek will be in Boston on April 15, bringing The Spiraling Tour to Roadrunner, and the WERS is presenting the show! This is the second stop on Polachek’s U.S. tour for her latest album, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You. Because the show is such an early stop on the tour, this is an incredible opportunity to hear one of the first live performances of her new songs! 

Polacheck’s concerts are high-energy; her fans are always excited and know every song. They come for the music and the spacey, otherworldly, and coldly beautiful visuals, which fit her music perfectly. Though I’ve never seen her live before, a friend of mine has. He cannot stop talking about how excited he is to see her again! Songs like “Welcome To My Island” and “Bunny Is A Rider” are going to sound even better live. So if you're looking for an electrifying, sonically rich show where you can jump around and lose your mind, then you better be at Roadrunner on April 15th! 

- Arlo Winokur, Staff Writer



Supporting Aly & AJ on their With Love From tour, indie pop artist Miya Folick will be in Boston at the MGM Music Hall on April 21. She’ll be playing tunes from her 2022 EP 2007, as well as some of the singles she’s dropped since then, such as “Get Out of My House” and “Mommy.” 

Her songs about heartbreak, love, and living are sure to pull in the crowd and keep them hooked. Though her discography is rather small, it’s because she works on each song meticulously to make them as emotionally potent as she can. Lyrics like “I cave, I crawl right into your arms again. I hate it all. I can’t do this anymore,” deliver such authentic emotion that it’s impossible to deny the power she has over a venue. 

While the production of her shows is not the most flashy, this is because she lets the music speak for itself. To get a feel for her vulnerable performance style, check out her NPR Tiny Desk concert on Youtube. For a powerful show from an incredible indie pop musician maturing her sound, check out Miya Folick on April 21 at the MGM Music Hall!

- Arlo Winokur, Staff Writer



Unknown Mortal Orchestra has announced their 2023 tour in support of their new double album, V. This is the band’s first release in five years. Lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Ruban Nielson has shared that some of the inspiration for the album was “West Coast AOR, classic hits, weirdo pop, and Hawaiian Hapa-haole music.” 

UMO consists of Nielson, bassist Jake Portrait, drummer Kody Nielsen, and keyboardist Thomas Mabus. Their shows in the past have been intimate experiences. Nielsen sings from the center of the crowd, making concertgoers feel like a part of the magic that is UMO’s music. Additionally, their shows have a carefree feeling to them—groups of friends sing, laugh, and dance, and couples soak up the lyrics together. 

From my experience seeing them live, their fans have mutual respect for each other and create an open and safe environment. Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s month-long North American tour begins on March 20th in Spokane, Washington, and will end here in Boston on April 22. 

- Breanna Nesbeth, Music Coordinator



In 2021, indie pop quartet Saint Motel announced their new album The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. This Spring, they’ll finally be taking the album on tour after initial pandemic-related touring delays. Fans of Saint Motel know that the band’s visual identity is equally important as their musical identity when performing. They like for their shows to be grand events of energetic unity from start to finish. The mix of instruments, both electronic and acoustic, accompanied by the cinematic visual set-up make their sets electrifying. 

Their shows have the goal of making it through the band’s 15-year spanning discography. For concertgoers familiar with the band, their setlists are a great summary of their albums. Likewise, for concertgoers unfamiliar, their setlists are an equally great introduction to the group. Be sure to check them out on April 28th at Paradise Rock Club!

- Breanna Nesbeth, Music Coordinator


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