Playlist: New Year’s Rockin’ Resolution Workout Jams


Graphics by Nicole Bae

By Megan Doherty

With the new year ringing in, you probably have a few ideas about how you're going to transform into the best version of yourself for the new decade. You might be trying to hit the gym more, eat healthier, save up money, or even learn a new hobby. If you're one of the many looking to make 2020 the year of fitness, WERS has got your back. Put on your running shoes, hit play, and kick off your New Year's resolutions right.

"Get Out" - Circa Survive

When I first sat down to brainstorm songs to put on this playlist, my mind immediately went to this track. You know those songs that have the perfect beat that go along to your every step? Well, this is that song. As a result, I, more frequently than I'd like to admit, put "Get Out" on loop while doing my warm up run. This modern rock-inspired anthem's monstrous guitar riffs, huge vocals, and drums will pull every ounce of energy out of you to crush your workout.

"Anklebiters" - Paramore

You might only know "Ain't It Fun" or "Still into You" from Paramore's self-titled record, but I implore you to give the rest a listen. Starting with only a distorted electric guitar and drums, "Anklebiters" proves to be the most upbeat and lively track on the album. This makes it the perfect song to workout to. The fun drum-focused track will help you raise and retain your energy.

"Ten Tonne Skeleton" - Royal Blood

It was hard to pick just one Royal Blood song to put on this playlist. With their relentless, enormous riffs, all their music fits a workout environment flawlessly. What I find so fascinating and cool about this two-piece band is that there's only drums and bass guitar in their music. However, you would never guess a bass guitar could produce such a massive, distorted sound. "Ten Tonne Skeleton" has a very clear beat that will get you bobbing your head along while you exercise to the rhythm.

"Mr. Doctor Man" - Palaye Royale

"Mr. Doctor Man" was another track I frequently replayed to enliven my runs when I first found it. The infectiously catchy, gritty guitar and raspy vocals will inspire you to pick up your pace. Definitely check these guys out at a live show if you want to see an old fashioned, crazy rock performance. Not only does their music embody energy, but their concerts continuously prove to be even more fiery and fanatical. 

"Everybody" - Don Broco

After the first line of this song, I promise you'll be hooked. As it goes on, it just gets better and better. With the insane vocals, catchy riffs, cowbells, and overall bouncy, dynamic sound, you won't have any mid-workout lull. Just as the lyrics say: "What you waiting for?" Get to the gym and hit play right now to crush your workout while listening to this killer track.

"Lavender Bones" - Stand Atlantic

With Bonnie Fraser's incredible voice seemingly created solely to sing pop-punk ear-worms, this band's music never feels uninspired. The huge, melodic chorus and riff that follows in "Lavender Bones" made me become obsessed with this band's music. Hopefully, after hearing this track, you'll be right with me in loving Stand Atlantic. Also, an honorable mention for this playlist goes to Fraser's girlfriend's band Hot Milk. Check out their wicked catchy song "Awful Ever After."

"daphne did it" - cleopatrick 

Similar to Royal Blood, cleopatrick never fails to hit you with massive riff-centered tunes. Right after I discovered their breakout hit "hometown," I immediately binge-listened to the rest of their songs. Drums and their signature rock-inspired guitar riff rips open this explosive track. Their hypnotically powerful and lively music will motivate you to accomplish more from your workout than you anticipate. 

"Better Off Without You" - Mallory Knox

There's riffs on riffs with this playlist and song. Is there any better soundtrack to the gym, though? Mallory Knox maintains an enormous amount of energy throughout the entirety of this track. They kick start this banger with a wailing electric guitar that flows into a spirited verse, then an even bigger and catchier chorus. 

"I'm Alive" - The Hives

Beginning with a few simple guitar strums, you wouldn't expect this song to be as massive, loud, and lively as it is. However, as soon as the drums, bass, and guitar burst through, all those assumptions are annihilated. As lead vocalist Pelle Almqvist passionately sings "I'm alive," you'll definitely feel alive and beyond driven to kill the ending of your workout. If this song doesn't energize you, nothing will.

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