We Love Our Members!

While you may  hear us on the air every day, we have some incredible members that listen to us that we love hearing from as well.  Whether we see you at a discovery show, Rosie’s place, or here at the studio we want  to hear why you want to be involved with WERS!

One of our members talked to us about why they wanted to give back to WERS!

“We’ve been supporting WERS as sustaining members for five years or so, and we absolutely love being a part of the WERS community. The money we contribute goes a long way towards supporting something we really believe in and thoroughly enjoy- and the benefits are amazing! Back in February, we got to hang out with other sustainers in the fabulous WERS studio to watch the Patriots roll down Tremont Street after we won the Superbowl!  Just this week we volunteered with the gang at Rosie’s Place. Great music, great people, great community – can’t say enough about it!”

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