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Your support of Chagigah is critical – it keeps the music and culture of the Jewish heritage very  much alive on the Boston airwaves, and this Live Music Week we are asking for your help. Donate today to support Chagigah and you’ll not only be doing your part to keep Chagigah on the air, but you’ll also be automatically entered to win The Hamilton Experience (more info available here)!

However, Chagigah listeners who make a donation at the $67 a month level or an outright gift of $804 will be guaranteed tickets to an evening of film, food, and music put on by the Boston Jewish Film Festival. This event will feature a premiere screening of a remarkable documentary, The Return of the Violin, a film that celebrates both music and courage.

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The screening takes place on Sunday, April 3oth at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School and in addition to screening, includes:

  • A social hour with wine and abundant hors d’oeuvres
  • Remembrance of Jules Eskin z”l
  • Performance by legendary violinists Yuri Mazurkevich & Dana Pomerants-Mazurkevich
  • Dessert finale

Don’t pass up this opportunity – support Chagigah today!

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