Live Music Week? Try Live Music Friday!

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Graphics by Nicole Bae

Each spring, WERS launches our week-long Live Music Week fundraiser, and it's just about that time...but things turned out a bit differently than we planned this year.

Here at WERS, we understand that connecting with the music is more important now than ever before, so we've decided to do something totally different. In place of a week-long fundraiser, we're coming together on one special day: Live Music Friday

We are planning one day jam-packed with unforgettable live tracks that will bring the concert experience to your home. We'll also be giving away a magical trip to Ireland, which you can schedule for any time in the future you like. 

WERS relies on the support of our listeners. Our sustaining members keep us independent, supporting the music through good times...and 2020. Join our community by giving now, and you'll also be entered in to win the Ireland trip! 

This Friday, let's all come together as a community to support what we believe in.

And in the spirit of celebration, here's something fun to look forward to: After this is all over, we're going to need to party a little bit. 

When we are cleared for socializing without the distance, WERS will be cooking up something very special for our sustaining members. It's going to be epic.

Click here and get your name on the VIP list.

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