Show Review: Mt. Joy At MGM Music Hall— As if Good Vibes Went on Tour

Photography by Elle Dickson

By Cate Cianci, Staff Writer

Artist: Mt. Joy

Venue: MGM Music Hall at Fenway

When: Tuesday, October 25th
Mt. Joy is one of those special bands that just makes you smile. I had seen the band perform previously at their Lollapalooza set in Chicago, but it seemed the intimate setting of a tour this go-around had them on their A-game. All of the members of the band are incredible musicians by themselves. But when combined, magic happens.



An unforgettable opening by the Brook & the Bluff truly set an amazing tone for the night. Hailing from Birmingham Alabama, the band was amazed by the energy of the Boston crowd. Lead Singer Joeseph Settine even got the audience in on some dancing, helping the entire crowd participate in a step-touch.



Mt. Joy made sure everyone left the show with a goofy smile plastered on their face. Watching them perform felt like watching a group of best friends having a party. The love the band members have for each other was palpable from the pit to the back of the house. 

Mt. Joy shared some laughs with the audience too, jokingly recounting the perils of writing an accidental innuendo into their song “Johnson Song.” They invited the entire crowd to laugh and dance with them at the chorus, singing, “Dance away 'cause a Johnson's coming”.



Every member of Mt. Joy impressed me with their incredible chemistry and command of the stage. But what I loved most about the whole show was the time they gave each other to shine individually. 

The band cheered each other on as they each showed off their musical prowess. 

The support and love was radiating from the stage, and truly stayed with me the whole night. Even looking around on the Green Line back home, everyone was still smiling.



Mt. Joy is known for their first-class cover game, usually taking on classic rock songs with their folky twist. And Mt. Joy isn’t afraid to make their inspirations known, with lead singer Matt Quinn sporting a Grateful Dead bear-patterned belt.

At the Boston show, the band took on a classic— Pink Floyd song “Breathe (In the Air)” off of The Dark Side of the Moon. With enchanting blue lights, this cover was a perfect addition to their set. 

Mt. Joy delivered a truly magical and uplifting night for Boston.

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