Show Review: CHVRCHES Puts On A Theatrical Sold-Out Show

Photography by Ainsley Basic

By Amber Garcia, Staff Writer


Where: House of Blues 

When: Wednesday, December 1st 

CHVRCHES took the stage Wednesday night for a sold-out show at the House of Blues. Eager fans packed the venue, filling all three floors. 


The opening act was singer Donna Missal. Donna’s music is more laid back than CHVRCHES, featuring a more stripped sound. The artist opened the show with her song “How Does It Feel?” Missal was accompanied by a drummer and guitarist. While her songs sing of fragility and soft-spoken self-discovery, her voice belts from the mic. The last song Missal sang was “Let You Let Me Down,” a rock ballad with a strong finish. 


CHVRCHES opened their set with “He Said She Said,” a song from their latest album, Screen Violence. The album was released in 2020 and has a strong message surrounding violence we face with modern screen usage. Playing on the theme of the album, behind the band was a screen with light and glitch work to look like a tv. 

The crowd was hyped for the band, drinks in one hand and the other in the air. During the show, there was a brief pause where the artists called attention to the front pit where someone wasn’t doing well. In light of the recent Travis Scott tragedies, it is more important than ever for artists to be more aware of their crowd.  The singer said she hoped they were alright and continued the show saying, “health and safety, customer service first.” 

Their last songs before the encore were from the album Love Is Dead. “Miracle” and “Never Say Die” were met with chanting from the crowd. The singer's whimsical spirit contrasted against the harsh lights in the back. Her spinning and fun spirit filled the venue, along with multiple outfit changes throughout the set. 


The singer came back on stage with fake blood on her arms for the encore, her theatrical acts and costumes coming to an end for the last set. CHVRCHES finished the show with a bang, wrapping up with the songs “Asking for a Friend,” “The Mother We Share,” and “The Clearest Blue.” 

Throughout the night, CHVRCHES gave it their all. Their perfect vocals and visualizations made the show an art piece.

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