Playlist: New Discoveries 2/28

New Discoveries Playlist - Top Artists and Songs this week - Boston - WERS 88.9FM Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia

“Let’s Make A Mistake Tonight” – Tennis 

Tennis is husband and wife, Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore  based out of Denver, Colorado. The pair met each other while studying philosophy in college. However the band didn’t start until after the two graduated college and went on an eight month long sailing expedition on the North Atlantic coast.  

Their single “Let’s Make a Mistake Tonight” was a teaser to their latest album Pollen. The song is groovy, and combined with Moore’s unique voice, and a melodic rhythm. It starts with a Kate Bush drumbeat and continues with hints of techno music. Moore said of the song:

“Let’s Make a Mistake Tonight is all hubris, attitude and wish fulfillment. I’m turning water into wine. I’m reshaping my reality through projection or denial. While tracking with Patrick, I kept envisioning the same scene: I’m in the passenger’s seat. Patrick drives with one hand on the wheel and one hand on my thigh. This song plays us out.”

Tennis will be performing at The House of Blues on April 4, 2023. 

Kathia Dawson, Staff Writer 


“Amnesia” – M83

M83’s music is more than “just a sound” as they describe in their new single “Amnesia”. The new track by French multi-musician Anthony Gonzales celebrates the “darkness” and “sadness” we all feel as part of the human experience. This new track is only part of the first “chapter” of M83’s new album Fantasy. The Full album is expected to release on March 17th. 

“Amnesia” takes us through a dreamy landscape full of dazzling guitar and synth melodies. The melodies are only heightened by Gonzales’ intense yet subdued vocals. The way these sounds play off each other creates a feeling like you’re soaring through the galaxy. This track is perfect for your next stargazing session. 

Cate Cianci, Staff Writer


“The Weakness” – Ruston Kelly 

Ruston Kelly proves he’s ready to fight for himself on “The Weakness.” The song is the title track from the musician’s upcoming third album. Its lyrics depict Kelly’s struggle to choose between his self-destructive desires and wellbeing. Ultimately, the musician decides to save himself. Kelly solidifies his decision by repeating an evocative lyrical affirmation: “We don’t give in to the weakness.” On his 2020 album, Shape & Destroy, the Tennessee-based musician explores the wistful sounds of soft acoustic-centered country. However, “The Weakness” has an edgier alternative sound-mirroring songs by bands like Cigarettes After Sex and The Backseat Lovers. Kelly’s genre-shift feels seamless, authentic, and opportune.

The Weakness is scheduled to be released on April 7, and Kelly will kick off his headline tour on April 12.

Claire Dunham, Staff Writer


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