Pick of the Week: Rubblebucket “Geometry”

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Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia

By Eden Unger, Staff Writer

“Geometry” is a bright and bouncy new tune from Vermont duo Annakalmia “Kalmia” Traver and Alex Toth, a.k.a Rubblebucket. The song was the final single from the band’s sixth album Earth Worship, which came out on October 21st last year. In their own words, “it’s an album with renewed shimmer, showcasing Rubblebucket’s intricately sparkling beats, hushed-yet-hooky vocals, and infectious melodic complexity”.

The title of the album, “Earth Worship,” comes from a shared love that Toth and Traver have for the environment. In the past, the band has championed environmental causes such as anti-fracking, as well as humanitarian causes like reproductive justice, by inviting organizations to spread the word at their shows.

Rubblebucket’s Orchestral Origin Story

Originally billed as “Rubblebucket Orchestra,” the band has been active since March 2008, but it wasn’t until October of that year that they got their current name. The name change coincided with their self-titled second studio album, and later that year, in December, they won the Boston Music Award for Live Act of the Year.

Circling Back to a Killer Track

Accompanied by the droning of synths and horns, “Geometry” opens with the lines “I woke up in a painting/ It's happened a lot lately,” which are cleverly mirrored in their music video. In the video, the members of the band use golden frames, the kind you’d expect to see in an art gallery, to, well, frame one another. Along with up close and personal camera angles, and other funky shots, the lyrics give off a sense of introspection, while also acting as “an ode to [Traver and Toth’s] friendship of 20 years”

The band will be in Boston on March 24, 2023 at Big Night Live, with Lunar Vacation as a supporting act. Doors are at 7 pm, with the show starting at 8.

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