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By Claire Dunham, Blog Assistant

New York-based rock band Momma released their third studio album, Household Name, in July. In the months following the release, the grunge group toured with a variety of bands, including Surf Curse, Foals, Death Cab for Cutie, and Alex G

“Bang Bang” is Momma’s first new song since Household Name. It is a fiery track that reestablishes the band as a standout in the modern rock scene. 



Written by band members Etta Friedman, Allegra Weingarten, and Aron Kobayashi Ritch, “Bang Bang” describes a passionate and spontaneous relationship. Its lyrics are unapologetic and explore desire and sexuality.

Overall, the song is fun—it’s obvious that the Momma band members don’t take themselves too seriously. This carefree attitude is apparent in the song’s chorus: “If you want it we can go (Run away, run away, run away). We can do it on the phone. All weekend I can be your secret.” As a 90s-inspired band, Momma typically write rebellious lyrics. On “Bang Bang,” the band continues this rebellious streak by discussing sexuality—a topic that many people consider to be shameful or wrong—in an unabashed way. 



Momma recognize the importance of developing a quintessential sound. The band’s founding members, Friedman and Weingarten, started to develop Momma’s edgy, sarcastic sound in 2015. By 2018, the duo released their debut album Interloper—a praiseworthy release that solidified the 90s grunge rock sound of Momma. Now, five years later, the band’s sound is still inspired by legendary 90s bands. According to MTV, Momma cite Nirvana, Liz Phair, and The Smashing Pumpkins as their musical influences. 

Specifically, “Bang Bang” is a Radiohead-esque techno-grunge fusion. The song opens with a rhythmic sound that emulates an electronic ringtone. Likewise, Friedman and Weingarten’s voices sound distorted, like a phone conversation. This out-of-the-box sound editing connects to the aforementioned lyric, “We can do it on the phone.” 

The song’s instrumentation is solid. “Bang Bang” is chock-full of robust guitar parts and vocal chants. Additionally, Momma’s drummer Zach Capitti Fenton serves up some rambunctious drums on the song’s chorus. Ultimately, despite the chaotic energy of the grungy single, it sounds polished and complete. 



2023 is the year of touring for Momma! They are currently opening for Alex G in Europe. Also, the band will play at Coachella Music Festival later this month, before joining Modest Mouse and Weezer on their Indie Rock Roadtrip tour.


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