Disclosure Closes Boston Calling 2016 With a Bang

By Grace Burns:


Disclosure closing out Boston Calling 2016. Photo by Ross Ketschke

English electronic duo Disclosure closed a weekend of rocking and raving this Sunday night at the fourth annual Boston Calling music festival, and they weren’t afraid to squeeze every last bit of energy out of the audience. Their heavy bass shook the concrete of Government Center so heavily that it could be at least a solid four on the Richter scale.

Striking visuals of black, blue, and white blanketed the crowd, who were singing along to both the mainstream and more obscure Disclosure songs. When the duo played a song the audience did all know, for example, when the crowd felt the opening baseline for “Magnets,” there wasn’t a still body or mouth in the house. Hands and glow sticks were waving in the air as if the thousands in front of the JetBlue stage were calling SOS.

Also spotted in the crowd were an assortment of props picked up around the festival, some crowd favorites being a Samuel Adams cardboard cutout, most likely swiped from the VIP area; alongside a watermelon pool inflatable. Both objects were found surfing through the crowd throughout the performance.

Despite the weather’s 90 degree peak on Saturday and high energy performances all throughout the weekend, the audience was more than ready to show Disclosure that Boston knows how to party. If audiences were tired after a day of dancing provided by Christine and the Queens, Janelle Monae, Haim, and other stellar performers throughout the day, there was absolutely no way of knowing it. Disclosure brought out the best in Boston Calling and vice versa- the brothers were fueled by the audience’s high energy and were always hungry for more.

While at times, Boston Calling has opted for a more mellow full-circle end to the weekend, ending the weekend on an electronic note was a stellar way to go, and was more than appreciated by the festival goers.

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