Pick of the Week: Jon Batiste “I NEED YOU”

Pick of the Week - Jon Batiste "I Need You"
Photography by Neil Grabowsky under Creative Commons License

By Mason Standish, Staff Writer

Fresh off of co-scoring Pixar's Soul, Jon Batiste comes in swinging with one of his most fun tracks to date. "I NEED YOU" is one of four recently released tracks off of Batiste's upcoming album WE ARE. Much like the all-caps title of each song on the album might suggest, "I NEED YOU" is an absolute romp. The emotional yearning expressed by Batiste throughout the song feels dancey, fun, and relatable. The message of the song is simple; when you find that person, you're going to keep repeating to yourself: "I just need you, you, you." 

Fans of Batiste may recognize his work leading the back-up band on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, a job that comes with a certain musical styling not lost upon this song. The bouncy piano and jaunty vocals are a throwback to mid/early 1900s southern music. Similarly, the addition of a heavy creole influence makes for a piece of music that's equally timeless and relentlessly classic. Juxtapose this against the pseudo-rap that makes up the majority of "I NEED YOU"'s vocals and it makes for a super unique and entertaining listening experience for music lovers of all varieties. 

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