New Discoveries: Jon Batiste, CHVRCHES, and More

Jon Batiste, CHVRCHES
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Fresh, funky, and soulful, Jon Batiste's track "FREEDOM" delivers a musical punch that is sure to be a welcome addition to any of your upbeat summer playlists. "FREEDOM" serves as one of the closing songs on Batiste's recently released album WE ARE. Similar to what is seen in the rest of the album, "FREEDOM" perfectly balances the use of an accompanying choir with Batiste's timeless, brassy vocals. This creates an immensely fun sound that will get even the most stubborn listener to tap their toes. Combined with the uplifting, almost victorious sounding lyrics, every listen is a positive experience. If you're looking for a unique, energetic summer jam, we've absolutely found it in "FREEDOM".

- Mason Standish, Staff Writer



With two albums under his belt, Matthew E. White is gearing up for a third with lead single "Genuine Hesitation." The track begins with a groovy instrumental improvisation before White's low vocals cut through. The lyrics possess a wise tone, filled with metaphorical musings about life. "Anything that swings will hit ya back if you don't move in time," he sings in the chorus. White reminds listeners that hesitation is natural, but you must keep moving when life gets complicated. The sound of the song conveys perpetual motion, as well. Upbeat drums, guitar riffs, and piano are layered with spacey electronics. Be on the lookout for Matthew E. White's next album, K Bay, set to come out on September 10th.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



An eerie melody made with a heavy drum beat and light piano opens up "How Not To Drown." It's the first of two singles recently released by the indie-alternative band CHVRCHES, featuring singer-songwriter Robert Smith of The Cure. Written about recovering from the feeling of being over your head or in too deep, the emotion expressed through the lyrics is incredibly powerful. With words like, "I will never escape these doubts. I wasn't dead when they found me, watch as they pull me down," lead singer Lauren Mayberry expresses sentiments of wanting to disappear. Ending on the same solemn note that the song started with, Smith repeats the first verse to embed the theme that flows throughout this hopeful tune.

- Christina Casper, Staff Writer


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