Pick of the Week: Adele “Easy On Me”

Adele Easy On Me Pick of the Week
Graphics by Maeve Huttner

By Sam Goodman, Staff Writer

Twitter practically exploded on the morning of October 13th when the timeline noticed Adele suddenly changed her profile picture. After audiences waited six years for new music, the singer finally teased the November 19th debut of her fourth studio album 30 with her hit new song “Easy on Me.” The track, written during “the most turbulent period” of her life, has already become the most played in U.S. radio history for a song’s first week on the air. Marking a new, record-breaking era for Adele, there is a lot to break down, from the story behind “Easy on Me” to the lyrics and sound.

The album and the song, both written over three years, center on how the singer has navigated her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki and her new relationship with boyfriend Rich Paul. Adele’s style and intentions have drastically shifted since releasing “Hello” in 2015 which captivated national attention. The singer hopes to keep this album closer to her heart. As Adele told Vogue, “Everyone took [21] into their hearts so much…I want to share myself with everyone, but I don’t think I’ll ever let this one go.”


“Easy on Me” explores hope, fear, and both the acceptance of and resistance to change. Still captivating listeners with her signature keys, Adele opens the song admitting “there is hope in these waters, but I can’t bring myself to swim,” asking whoever is listening to save her and let her in. We have come to admire and respect Adele for her unwavering dedication to authentic vulnerability, and yet her opening lines continue to push further and more honestly into her heart and mind. 

She sings of running out of time for “a thing to change… We are both so deeply stuck in our ways.” And while her words carry a feeling of helplessness, her voice carries strength and power. She reminds herself and her listener of their ability to escape. The accompanying music video shows the singer packing her bags, selling her home, and heading into the distance. As she leaves things behind, she remembers her empty life and continues to drive forward.

Yet, it’s Adele’s simple chorus— her small request— that truly hooks listeners. She softly asks, “Go easy on me, baby.” Adele’s request is a small one, one that is central to the universal human experience— kindness and compassion. Her music has always forced us to look inward. Through her life, we have examined our own, remembering “when we were young” and when “we could have had it all.” Now, as Adele asks for “the chance to feel the world around [her],” we come to understand the innate desire for someone to show us baseless love.
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